festival glitter hair and makeup || loreal colorista washout dirty pink

finland in may day / labor day its usual to wear crazy clothes or costumes and go all out with your makeup. i have had so much inspiration from coachella and gypsy shrine glitter hair and makeup.

i have bought my glitters from ebay. you can also get them from several brands such as nyx, mac, makeup store, h&m.. in the hair is better to use glitter that is bigger size, that is shows. the easiest way to get the glitter stick to the hair is to use hairgel. on the face i use makeup store's mixing liquid to set the glitter. also nyx has their glitter primer and h&m glitter glue. i apply the glitter dipping an eyeshadow brush first to the mixing liquid and then to the glitter. in the face smaller particle size glitter lasts the best, but i did a mixture of different styles. self-adhesive rhinestones i usually find in decor stores, but you can buy them from ebay as well. to make them last longer i usually add lash glue.

left: glitters i used in the face, right: glitters i used in the hair

i also colored my hair pink with the new loreal colorista washout, in shade dirty pink. 

apply in the hair after washing with shampoo and drying to towel dry. let it be in the hair up to 30min depending of how deep result you want. wash off, no need to use a conditioner after since the formula of these is very nourishing. to color whole hair (i have long and thick), i had to use 2 tubes. price in finland is 7,50€.

my hair before coloring

see the first picture of the post to see how the color was after the coloring. the shade is kind of mauve pink.

my hair after 3 washes

as you can see, after 3 washes there is still a slight pink hue. it depends a lot from your hair's condition, how the color pays off and stays on your hair.


the body shop new brushes 2017

earlier this year the body shop launched a complimentary range of new brushes, but they only came to the stores in finland this week. the brushes are of course cruelty free (no animal hair used), the handle is fsc certified wood and the bristles contain antimicrobial coal.

1. buffing brush, 18€
to apply liquid foundation in circular motion.

2. contouring brush, 18€
slanted contouring brush perfect for defining the cheekbones. this is my favorite of the bunch as it makes contouring super easy! can be used with both liquid and powder products.

3. slanted blusher brush, 18€
angled brush designed to apply blush or highlighter.

4. point highlighter brush, 18€
i like to apply tons of highlighter, so from all the options this is my fave. the pointed shape makes it easy to apply highlighter also under the brows and nose.

5. fan brush, 13,50€
if you want to apply subtle amount of highlighter or blush, then this is your pick. in my opinion the brush is too wide and loose for precised application, but i know many swear in the name of fan brushes.

1. eyeshadow blending brush, 15€
an essential brush in everyone's kit for creating the perfect eye makeup. i love the pointed shape and how soft it is.

2. eyeshadow crease brush, 15€
i got droopy eyelids so personally i think this brush could be smaller. you want to be careful with the amount of eyeshadow you apply, that you don't end up with a patchy result.

3. flat shader brush, 15€
apply eyeshadow to the eyelid if you want intensive color payoff. the shape is great to apply some color also under the lower lashes.

4. eye liner brush, 10€
to apply liquid or gel eyeliner.