baby pink matte lips

i've been looking for a perfect pink lip product for a while. i wanted something lighter than the pink lipsticks that i already have, but nothing too pale since they don't suit my skin tone - with blond hair they make me look washed out.

the body shop launched this week new lip & cheek velvet sticks (14,90€) in 6 matte shades. the shade 20 poppy pink is exactly what i was looking for!

10 poppy nude, 20 poppy pink, 30 poppy bronze, 35 poppy coral, 40 poppy red, universal.
the universal shade adapts to the skin's pH, so it looks slightly different on everyone. in my skin it looks like dusty pink.

the colors nude and bronze have shimmer on them. it also seems like the pink and red have more pigment than the others.

here is me with poppy pink.

(this picture is taken with flash so the product looks more shiny than it actually is..)

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