wella professionals color fresh silver 0/89

i saw a blog post about wella color fresh toning and i was so excited to try it. i chose the second darkest grey - silver 0/89 - that looked super grey on the sample. i was left to be disappointed again.

i'm sorry i didn't make a proper before picture, i was already in the shower when i remembered :D but here is few pictures so you get the idea.

so my hair was already pretty silver before using the wella toning.

and here is the after.

as you can see, my attempt to go darker didn't really happen. i understand that maybe it can be that i thought different about the product, but i explained to the shop assistant what i wanted, and she recommended this colour. anyway i think the wella color fresh works really well for someone that has yellow toned hair and wants to make it colder.

i washed my hair and dried it to almost dry before applying the product, and i kept it on for 45 min instead of 5-20 min that was recommended (the guide was saying you can leave it on longer for more intensive finish). the only difference that i noticed was that in the sunlight the hair looked more colder toned.. so my journey to grey hair continues.

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