new favorite: clinique superdefense CC cream SPF 30 colour correcting skin protector

i got a sample of the clinique cc cream and i must say i'm pleasantly surprised. the formula is really soft and lightweight and it makes the skin look healthy and radiant.

my bare face on the left and with clinique cc cream on the right. my sample is shade light-medium.

what is a cc cream? it's lighter than a foundation, but heavier than a tinted moisturiser. cc creams are usually also lighter than bb creams. the letters "cc" stand for color correcting. why i love this product is that it actually neutralizes my redness very well.

i'm so in awe with this product that i will definitely be purchasing it soon. it's a great summer product since i don't like to use foundation in the summer. the shade light-medium is perfect because it gives me a little bit color, but it still looks really natural. i also prefer the high sun protection that the product has.

the price in finland is 36€.

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