the body shop drops of youth range grows: youth essence lotion & youth cream

the body shop drops of youth skin care range gets two new products.

youth essence lotion and youth cream.

drops of youth is a complementing skin care range for signs of aging. the products use stem cells technology with criste marine, edelweiss and sea holly plant stem cells. stem cells makes the skin renew faster and the skin will look more smoother, fresher and healthier. the drops of youth range also has concenctrate, eye concentrate, sleeping mask and primer. (you can read my earlier post about the sleeping mask and primer here).

the body shop drops of youth - youth essence lotion, 160ml, 17,90€

mixture of water and gel. contains all of the three plant cells mentioned and aloe vera gel. the first moisturising step after cleansing. i recommend it to everyone who need some extra moisture, or wishes to have fresher looking skin. this is a little lighter than the oils of life intensely revitalising essence lotion, so if you have very dry skin that would be better choice.

the body shop drops of youth - youth cream, 50ml, 27,50€

contains the three plant cells mentioned and babassu oil. the cream makes pores look tighter, fine lines smoother and the skin feel bouncier. it is recommended to use the youth cream with the essence lotion and concenctrate to get best results. the cream itself is very light so i don't think it would work for someone who has very dry skin, at least in winter time.

i must mention also the new packages because they are soooo much nicer looking. here is comparison the old packaging (left) and new (right).

the drops of youth concentrate has also been updated since before it had only criste marine plant stem cells and now also edelweiss and sea holly (obs. in the new packaging).


la splash lip couture waterproof liquid lipstick "og ghoulish"

trying yet another liquid lipstick. the moment i saw the shade og ghoulish from la splash cosmetics i had to have it! lately i have been craving muddy, earthy colours and i rarely use colourful lipsticks anymore..

the formula is more "liquidy" than other liquid lipsticks that i have tried but the pigment is still great - you need to only apply one coat. the product lasts very well since i ate two oily meals to test the lipstick and nothing happened. one negative thing is that with the applicatior comes way too much product. now in the future i'm prepared but when i first started applying it, it was almost dripping out from my lower lip :D



as you can see, in bright light the color looks completely grey, but in reality it's more greyish nude.

la splash cosmetics website offers international shipping but since the delivery price was jaw dropping 28$, i decided to look around ebay. i paid around 15€ (including delivery) for 3ml so i'm pleased. the delivery was also super fast, 9 days. the original price of the lipstick on la splash´s website is 14$ so i paid near it.


grey lips: gerard cosmetics london fog lipstick & gravity hydra-matte liquid lipstick

i have been in grey phase already for a while.. what i had been longing for was a grey lipstick. i think someone in gerard cosmetics read my mind when they created london fog lipstick and gravity hydra-matte liquid lipstick.

what surprised me was the size of the hydra-matte liquid lipstick. here is comparison picture to other liquid lipsticks from anastasia beverly hills and colourpop that i own.

in the picture it looks that only the applicator is shorter but there is less product as well. anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick has ~3,25ml product and costs 20$, colourpop same amount but costs 6$. gerard cosmetics liquid lipstick actually has almost half less product (~1,75ml) and costs 20$. in my opinion colourpop's is the best on quality-price ratio since it's really pigmented but cheap also. (read my previous posts on anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick and colourpop liquid lipstick).

gerard cosmetics "london fog" lipstick

first i was surprised when the surface of the lipstick was glittery. i really hoped the formula wasn't! and thank god it wore off when i applied the lipstick. the formula was nicely smooth but pigmented. start with this if you want grey lipstick but nothing too drastic. the shade is little bit purple as well.
price: 19$

gerard cosmetics "gravity" hydra-matte liquid lipstick

the liquid lipstick is very good quality. when you apply the formula is soft but it dries quickly and is very long lasting and pigmented.
price: 20$

when you buy something from gerard cosmetics check first their instagram account, they usually post discount codes. i bought mine from black friday sale with -50% off.