the body shop fuji green tea body care collection

today here in finland the body shop launched new body care collection - fuji green tea. i must say i'm not an expert of tea since i don't like to drink it, so i don't really know how green tea smells like, but i would claim the scent of the fuji green tea products is more citrusy and fresh - to my prefering. perfect body care collection for spring and summer time.

the re-design of some products (body wash, scrub and lotion) is succesful in my opinion - the products look now more expensive, in a good way.

green tea is known from its antioxidant and detoxing qualities. the green tea leaves what they use to make these products are collected from mount fuji in japan, where comes the name to the collection.

 body wash (8,70€), exfoliating soap (7,50€), body scrub (18,90€)

fuji green tea body wash: fresh shower gel that doesn't have actual soap in it, so it doesn't dry your skin. inside there is among other things green tea extract and honey.

fuji green tea exfoliating soap: the soap has crushed peanut in it, so it doesn't just clean, but also exfoalites. other ingredients in the soap are i.a shea butter, green tea extract and leaves.

fuji green tea body scrub: the body scrub has a quite strong scent at first, almost like strong alcohol scent. the formula is gel and it has small round exfoliating particles. this product is probably the only one that i'm disappointed of, because i like rough scrubs and this definitely isn't one. but for sure there are customers that they will appreciate mild scrubs also.

body sorbet (15€), body lotion (15€), body butter (19,50€)
moisturising products for all different needs.

fuji green tea body sorbet: the body sorbet is the lightest, the formula imitates real sorbet texture. this product is best used in the summer, for example after taking sun. it has aloe vera in it, and if you keep it in the fridge before applying, you will get really refreshing feeling. other moisturising ingredients are honey and sesame seed oil.

fuji green tea body lotion: the body lotion is very usable for also normal skin type customers like me. body lotion consists i.a sesame seed oil, shea butter and tea tree extract.

fuji green tea body butter: the body butter says to be for all skin types. the formula seems to be similar than for example in the pink grapefruit and satsuma body butters, so i wouldn't necessarily recommend this to very dry skin, but definitely a great body butter to use in summer time. moisturising ingredients in the body butter are shea butter, soybean oil and brazil nut oil.

bath tea (19,80€), bath tea sieve (5€)
really funny and inventive product in the collection is the bath tea. it has green tea extract, aloe vera and basil leaves in it. it saves you a lot of trouble if you will buy the sieve as well, because then you don't need to clean your bath tube after the bath. really cute gift idea for someone who was bath tube.

eau de cologne (22,50€)
my absolute favorite product from the collection! the eau de cologne is a mixture of green tea, citrus fruits and flowers. at first it is really strong and fresh, but after a while the scent warms and it is in its best about after 30 minutes from applying. the eau de cologne lasts longer than the body mists, but less than the eau de toilettes.

the fuji green tea collection is part of the regular range, so it is not limited edition, yay!


my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 2/9 peaches

(check first part here).
not sure how to call this color theme. light orange? light coral? so i decided peaches! this is currently my favorite color theme.

mac cremesheen lipstick "coral bliss"
my absolutely favorite everyday lipstick. shine lipsticks became really popular last year and now seems like almost every brand has their own collection. shine lipsticks have more moisturising formula and less pigment than normal lipsticks. they are easy to use because you don't need even mirror or lip liner. you can apply shine lipsticks to dry lips, they work also a little bit as a lip balm (and actually i recommend to do that, because if you apply them on top of lip balm, you won't get almost any pigment to stick to the lips..). coral bliss is a beautiful kind of nude vs. light coral color, that goes well with any make up. if you are looking for nude lipstick, but don't like brownish nudes, try this one! price: 20,50€

isadora twist-up matt lips "52 posh peach"
this is more like salmon pink with a little bit of peach in it. currently my favorite lip product, the color is just so beautiful! read my recent review here. price: 13,90€

mac satin lipstick "sushi kiss"
really bright, almost neon, light orange color. this lipstick definitely needs a confident user! if your face is looking tired, grey and dull this lipstick will definitely give your face a pop of color. i would definitely advice to use lip pencil with this, because the lipstick has strong pigment, but it is still light color, so it can get a bit uneven on the lips. price: 20,50€

make up store lipstick "first kiss" matt
very similar than sushi kiss, but more corally and wearable. i prefer this one over the two. good balance between moisturising formula and lasting pigment. so beautiful summer color with tanned skin. price: 20€


my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 1/9 nudes

it's around 3 years ago that i started to buy and use lipsticks. before that i was really awkward with any other lip product than lip balm, and now almost a day don't go by that i wouldn't wear lipstick. i feel that my face looks so naked, bland and boring without!
since i'm obsessed with lip products, i wanted to do a review of my already existing collection. usually in the blog the tendency is to swatch only new products, but i want some attention for my favorites as well! the series will consist of 9 parts, showing different color themes.

(yeah really wondering why i have put these in wrong order..)

rimmel moisture renew lipstick "700 nude delight"
warm toned nude, that goes well with any make up. really easy color to pull off, this is one of my first lipsticks.. for a moisturising lipstick it has a great pigment, but you definitely need to reapply after eating. on a plus side - it looks great even in dry lips. rimmel updated the moisture renew collection while ago, but they still have this same shade. price: (around) 9€

mac satin lipstick "faux"
this lipstick i bought instead when i wasn't sure to buy or not velvet teddy. and now actually i might prefer this one. faux is a cool toned nude, with a hint of pink undertone. it has a great pigment and it lasts well, but it is also enough moisturising to look smooth in the lips. if you are interested of the 90's vibe, but are not sure if you want to go as far as velvet teddy, try faux. price: 20,50€

mac matte lipstick "velvet teddy"
definitely darker colored nude, that needs a confident user. now has become a cult color, after kylie jenner was rumoured using it. velvet teddy is super matte, super well pigmented and lasts all day - but you definitely want to exfoliate and moisturise your lips well before using this, because (as you can see it in the picture), the lipstick emphasizes dry parts of the lips. price: 20,50€


top 10 hair care products for blond, dry & damaged hair

all products i have used already a while now and found them to be the best match for my hair. also they don't break the bank  - all products under 20€!

products mentioned in the video:
klippoteket silver shampoo & balsam
schwarzkopf gliss ultimate repair anti-damage hair mask
schwarzkopf bc bonacure color freeze thermo-protect cream
schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel 220C heat protection
four reasons silver mist
goldwell soft color 10V violet blonde
klippoteket styling dust spray dry shampoo bonus effect
batiste xxl volume dry shampoo
loreal elnett satin hairspray extra strong hold unscented
tangle teezer brush


if you are looking for fresh fragrance.. clean rain eau de parfum

finally i got my hands on this fragrance! it has been finished every store i go.. but my mom bought it for me last week from cruise tax free, yey!

this is my favorite from clean's parfums, and i think it's also the most fresh one. "rain" is a really great light every day parfume - i only like to wear strong parfumes in parties or going out. already just watching the bottle i can catch the fresh athmosphere after the rain!


top notes: dewy melon, daffodil, watermint
mid notes: spring daisy, water lily, violet leaves
base notes: fluid musks, sleek woods

i was browsing clean's website and i noticed that they have come up with a new parfume called "air", i can't wait till that arrives here in finland and i can test it out! if you haven't tried clean's parfumes before, do it NOW.

maybelline dream wonder nude foundation

got a sample while ago of maybelline's new dream wonder nude foundation. i don't think that i will be purchasing this, but i just wanted to make a swatch for you.

here's picture of me before and after. in the before i don't have anything else on my face than day cream.

in finland we have currently five shades and my sample was "sand 30", the second darkest color. originally dream wonder nude foundation has 12 shades, and i think this color might be in other countries "sandy beige 60".

the formula is really light and matte. i can't say that i would dislike this product, but i just don't personally like matte foundations. and i also want to have more coverage, since my skin is really uneven colored, because of the redness. i think this would make a great summer product though, because then you will want something light that keeps matte!

in finland the price is around 15,90€.


rimmel apocalips matte 206 atomic rose lip velvet

this product is not available in finland yet, but i wanted to try this cheap option of liquid lipsticks, which are currently trending. rimmel has made 4 matte shades to their apocalips collection. this is the lightest shade, 206 atomic rose. the other shades are orange ("orange-ology"), red ("burning lava") and dark red ("meteoric matte").

i'm not sure how i feel about this product yet. i have tried it on couple of times, but the color isn't making me awe. the color is more orangy nude/brown that i expected, and it looks kind of bland on me :/ the texture isn't so matte/drying than for example in the anastasia liquid lipsticks, and it doesn't last as well (you definitely need to reapply after eating..). but probably the best thing about this product is that it feels so velvety and soft in the lips! on my lips it didn't look bad even i applied it on dry lips.

good thing is that i bought this from ebay with 4€, so it definitely didn't break the bank!


isadora twist-up matt lips 52 posh peach

my latest lip product purchase is isadora's new lip pencil twist-up matt lips in shade 52 posh peach. this range comes with 6 different shades: nude, peach, two pinks, orange and red. i wanted to buy the nude as well but it was finished :(


the formula is sheer, so it's exactly what i'm looking for in a great easy every day lip product - you don't need lip pencil or even mirror to use it. i wouldn't call the finish super matte, but it's not too conditioning to be shiny either, but still feels soft in the lips.
the colour in the lip pencil looks actually more orangy - in the lips it's kind of salmon pink with a hint of peach. but for me the color is an absolute hit, it looks so gorgeous! this color suits both blonds and brunettes, and in the summer with a tan it will look even more beautiful..

the best way i found out to use this is to apply lip balm before applying the lip pencil, but you must tap most of the lip balm away with tissue if you want the color to stick (in dry lips it looks awful since its not conditioning enough).

i also prefer the shape of the tip better than in other lip pencils that are more rounded.


leopard nails

these nails are from few weeks ago when i went out with my friends and i needed nails matching my leopard print dress.

as a base i used the body shop colour crush nail colour 340 pink cream. i used a small dotting tool to make black half circles and dots (740 smoky rose). then i dotted brown dots (750 caring caramel) inside the half circles.

i wanted to do the leopard only in the edge, because i didn't want to make the nails look to heavy, since i was wearing black tights with the dress.

(340, 750, 740)


kylie jenner inspired make up tutorial

absolutely love this look at the moment!
it's funny how the 90's is coming back with a bang even though we just sweared we wouldn't touch that era for a long time haha.

products i used in the video:
lancome teint miracle 02
lumene beauty base under eye concealer
isadora eyeshadow fix
lumene color correcting concealer light/medium
mac prep & prime highlighter light boost
lumene blueberry eyebrow pencil 03
lumene blueberry eyebrow shaping wax light brown
the body shop loose face powder 02
the body shop honey bronze bronzing powder 04
smashit 6 color contour palette dark/mix 2
isadora perfect powder blusher 05 pinky peach
isadora eye shadow quartet 44 muddy nudes
the body shop palette 02 smoky plum (christmas limited edition)
  -> dupe: mac fig 1 eye shadow matte
the body shop smoky 2 in 1 gel liner 01 black
isadora volume & curl mascara 10 black
the body shop lip liner 03 clover pink
mac matte lipstick velvet teddy

brushes i used in the video:
mac 187 duo fibre face brush
mac 129 powder/blush brush
lumene powder brush (got it as a gift after buying their products, not in normal sale)
mac 109 small contour brush
duroy eye shadow brush
duroy blending brush
duroy eyeliner brush
duroy flat definer brush

on my nails:
the body shop 820 meet me at dusk


the body shop drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask and wonderblur

continuing with new products from the body shop. in march (here in finland, in the uk they came to the stores in january) we welcome 2 new products to the popular "drops of youth" skin care range - bouncy sleeping mask (28,50€) and wonderblur (26,80€).

bouncy sleeping mask is a moisturising mask that you leave on for the night. you can use it alone or apply it after your serum or night cream (let it dry awhile before going to bed). the mask moisturises on its own but it also works as a barrier and keeps the moisture of the night cream inside. in the morning face looks fresh and elastic. bouncy sleeping mask contains among other things sunflower oil, babassu oil and edelweiss stem cells, which renews skin. other great ways to use the mask is to apply it before flight to avoid dryness that airplane air can cause, or before going outdoors when there is minus degrees or hard wind.

the formula is kind of sticky cream-gel, but don't let that fool you, it feels wonderful in your face. i think the best results can be seen if you are over 30 years old - if you are younger, turn to this product for extra moisture or if you feel your skin is looking dull.

"blur" primers really became a thing in 2014. even this is already second blur primer addition to the body shop primers. the idea of blur primers is to make the skin look more flawless. wonderblur is light blur primer that smoothes the appearance of fine lines and pores.
 i personally don't like super matt effect in the make up, so i apply primer only on top of open pores and not in whole face. if you have oily skin, you may look for more mattifying product, but if you are like me, this might be enough for you. wonderblur also claims to hydrate the skin for 12 hours. of course i don't know for sure because i haven't measured the moisture content of my skin, but i really haven't felt that kind of effect..

here is me only with moisturiser on the left and then with wonderblur on the right.