rimmel apocalips matte 206 atomic rose lip velvet

this product is not available in finland yet, but i wanted to try this cheap option of liquid lipsticks, which are currently trending. rimmel has made 4 matte shades to their apocalips collection. this is the lightest shade, 206 atomic rose. the other shades are orange ("orange-ology"), red ("burning lava") and dark red ("meteoric matte").

i'm not sure how i feel about this product yet. i have tried it on couple of times, but the color isn't making me awe. the color is more orangy nude/brown that i expected, and it looks kind of bland on me :/ the texture isn't so matte/drying than for example in the anastasia liquid lipsticks, and it doesn't last as well (you definitely need to reapply after eating..). but probably the best thing about this product is that it feels so velvety and soft in the lips! on my lips it didn't look bad even i applied it on dry lips.

good thing is that i bought this from ebay with 4€, so it definitely didn't break the bank!

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