maybelline dream wonder nude foundation

got a sample while ago of maybelline's new dream wonder nude foundation. i don't think that i will be purchasing this, but i just wanted to make a swatch for you.

here's picture of me before and after. in the before i don't have anything else on my face than day cream.

in finland we have currently five shades and my sample was "sand 30", the second darkest color. originally dream wonder nude foundation has 12 shades, and i think this color might be in other countries "sandy beige 60".

the formula is really light and matte. i can't say that i would dislike this product, but i just don't personally like matte foundations. and i also want to have more coverage, since my skin is really uneven colored, because of the redness. i think this would make a great summer product though, because then you will want something light that keeps matte!

in finland the price is around 15,90€.

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