if you are looking for fresh fragrance.. clean rain eau de parfum

finally i got my hands on this fragrance! it has been finished every store i go.. but my mom bought it for me last week from cruise tax free, yey!

this is my favorite from clean's parfums, and i think it's also the most fresh one. "rain" is a really great light every day parfume - i only like to wear strong parfumes in parties or going out. already just watching the bottle i can catch the fresh athmosphere after the rain!


top notes: dewy melon, daffodil, watermint
mid notes: spring daisy, water lily, violet leaves
base notes: fluid musks, sleek woods

i was browsing clean's website and i noticed that they have come up with a new parfume called "air", i can't wait till that arrives here in finland and i can test it out! if you haven't tried clean's parfumes before, do it NOW.

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