the body shop winter trend makeup 2015

the body shop's christmas makeup collection has took inspiration to the design from great gatsby. the collection consists of two eyeshadow palette's, 6 nail polishes, 2 sparklers, glitter eyeliner and lip stain. there is also two regular lipstick shades packed in the christmas design.

eyeshadow palette swinging silver & grooving gold, 25€

the colors are actually really beautiful and usable, and they would suit for many. what bothers me though that in the gold palette the purple colors transform more to brown. in the package there is two headed eyeshadow brush included.

the metallic shades (silver and gold) are super pigmented, the other shades need a little bit more build up.

colour crush nail colour 910 blue abyss, 930 silver metal, 940 silver sequins (above), 920 burgundy red, 940 gold metal, 950 gold sequins (below) 8,80€

the nail polish colors are usual christmas season nailpolishes. too bad the metallic and glitter ones don't stay in the regular collection, because now there isn't any.

the burgundy shade is matte but the dark blue has a little bit of shimmer in it. they all have a great pigment, especially the metal shades (in the picture i have only one layer of metals).

the sparkler silver shimmer & gold shimmer 25€, silver glitter eyeliner 12,50€, colour crush lipstick winter trend 11 nude allure & 110 coral blush 13,90€, lip & cheek scarlet starlet 13,90€

glitter eyeliner, lip & cheek stain, 11 nude allure shine lipstick & 110 coral blush lipstick.

closer look on the lip & cheek stain.

if you like all things glittery, you'll need the sparkler in your life..


first impression: nyx cosmetics

when i was in holiday in malta i had an opportunity to visit a nyx cosmetics store. i had a pretty long list of products that i wanted to buy but they didn't have almost any shades that i was interested in. so i ended up buying only 3 products.

this product's name is a "liquid crystal liner". i didn't actually notice that sticker (maybe because it is only in the other one) before i was home.

these liners were in the store next to the other eye liners and eye pencils so of course i expected them to be eye liners. if they are not ment to use as eye liners, then what the heck are they for??

they have a good amount of glitter in them but i tried them on my eyelids and indeed they made a burning sensation.

this product though is really great. the intense butter gloss formula is so pigmented but buttery soft at the same time. the shade toasted marshmallow is really beautiful fall/winter color.

i don't remember the individual prices but i paid around 20€ for these, so they would be around 6-7€ each.


gerard cosmetics underground & cherry cordial lipstick

when i saw in instagram the 25$ deal for 3 lipsticks i couldn't resist myself.. (i ordered two and my sister one). the shades i chose were underground and cherry cordial.

as you can see gerard cosmetics has added a box for their lipstick which i think is nice because before they just used to come wrapped in plastic..

(sorry in the below picture the lipsticks changed place so in the left underground and in the right cherry cordial)

gerard cosmetics "underground" lipstick

i was actually gonna take the shade 1995 first but i made a decision to change to something more colder toned since they suit better with my silver hair. undeground is really nice dark, grey-toned nude that i have fallen in love with. what i don't love though is the formula. the pigment is really hard to get on the lips, i had to rub the lipstick to my lips for several minutes to get good color (my lips were really sore after that..).

gerard cosmetics "cherry cordial" lipstick

this is a color we both chose with my sister and it's a really beautiful fall/winter color. the cherry cordial has great pigment unlike the underground. the formula is a good balance of being quite matte but not too drying.


first impression: colourpop ultra matte lip & lippie stix

colourpop is an american brand that is the most known for its lip products and eye shadows. i've been drooling their products for ages but they don't deliver to europe yet.

i gave in and i ordered few products from ebay. the point of colourpop is that the products are really affordable and that gets kind of ruined when you need to pay the double price..

their iconic product is the lippie stix. it's like a lipstick but smaller, and they come in different textures.

the colors that i chose were frida (satin) and dalia (matte). i would have prefered lumiere but it was out of stock.

lippie stix "frida"

the texture is lovely soft but the pigment is still greatly strong. it's a good everyday nude color but since i have silver hair now it's a little bit too warm toned for me. beautiful color nonetheless.

lippie stix "dalia"

dalia is a great fall and winter color, in those seasons i love to wear dark lipsticks. since it's matte formula it's a bit more difficult to get applied evenly (i almost wish it was satin formula).

colourpops's new lip product that they launched in the summer is the ultra matte lip that is a liquid lipstick.

ultra matte lip "midi"

midi is a great cold-toned nude that i've absolutely fell in love with! this is only one layer, so the pigment is really good too, since many times you need to apply liquid lipsticks at least 2 layers. in my opinion the quality-price ratio is much better in this product than for example in the anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick (read my post here).

definitely will consider buying more of their products!
lippie stix 5$ and ultra matte lip 6$ on colourpop's website.


new the body shop make up: fresh sorbet blusher & instamatte

for people who have been looking for cream blush (it seems to be quite hard sometimes to find one) here is one option. the body shop fresh sorbet blusher really is fresh, light and soft texture that make skin look healthy and radiant. i just hoped these would have launched before the summer since i feel they fit more for summer make up. in the formula there is e.g. honey and rose extract.

fresh sorbet blusher comes currently in 4 shades. shade 10 florida sunstar is definitely more shimmery than the others. the shades are really natural and and you need to build up if you want bold color. price: 16,50€

another new interesting product is the body shop instamatte compact universal.

it's a wax-like formula that turns powderish in the skin and helps to keep it matte. the color is transluscent so it suits for all skin colors. you can use it as a primer before applying make up or to fix your make up during the day. i think it's cool because if you reapply face powder during the day it can start to look caky and dry, but with this product you don't have the problem. the formula has e.g. beeswax and marula oil in it. the packaging includes a mirror and a sponge. price: 22,50€