gerard cosmetics underground & cherry cordial lipstick

when i saw in instagram the 25$ deal for 3 lipsticks i couldn't resist myself.. (i ordered two and my sister one). the shades i chose were underground and cherry cordial.

as you can see gerard cosmetics has added a box for their lipstick which i think is nice because before they just used to come wrapped in plastic..

(sorry in the below picture the lipsticks changed place so in the left underground and in the right cherry cordial)

gerard cosmetics "underground" lipstick

i was actually gonna take the shade 1995 first but i made a decision to change to something more colder toned since they suit better with my silver hair. undeground is really nice dark, grey-toned nude that i have fallen in love with. what i don't love though is the formula. the pigment is really hard to get on the lips, i had to rub the lipstick to my lips for several minutes to get good color (my lips were really sore after that..).

gerard cosmetics "cherry cordial" lipstick

this is a color we both chose with my sister and it's a really beautiful fall/winter color. the cherry cordial has great pigment unlike the underground. the formula is a good balance of being quite matte but not too drying.

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