grey hair: pravana chromasilk vivids "silver"

my journey seeking for grey hair continues. till now we have established that klippoteket silver shampoo and conditioner are good every day products for maintaining cool color in the hair. earlier this year i was longing for pastel violet color so i tried kc professional color mask paint lavender that didn't stuck to my hair at all. my next attempt was wella professionals color fresh silver that made nice platinum effect in the hair but it wasn't what i was looking for.

finally i found something that actually made my hair GREY.

i saw this product on a youtube video and since it didn't cost much i decided to give it a go. i bought 2 tubes (since my hair is long and thick) from ebay and they were around 10€ per tube.

i searched hard until i realised the instructions were on the inside of the box.. so first you wash your hair with shampoo and then you towel dry your hair. i dried my hair with hairdryer to almost dry to get stronger effect. after i applied the color with plastic gloves in my hands (these don't come with the packaging). it says to let it stay in the hair for 20 minutes but i left it for 1 hour since i have history of colors not sticking and i didn't mind for stronger color. after you should rinse, apply conditioner and rinse again, but since i didn't want to lose any color i applied conditioner in the ends of my hair 5 minutes before rinsing.

so here is the result before and after.

as you can see my hair was really light platinum color. with the pravana silver color i achieved exactly what i wanted: dark grey hair. if you don't want so extreme, let it be in your hair less time! i left for holiday after - i'm gonna swim and wash my hair more often so i made it more darker since it's gonna fade.

i lightened my roots week ago so the color obviously stuck more there and they look more blue/purple.

with the packaging came also these sachets that i used in the process.

overall i would say it's a good product if you want grey hair but it's not permanent fix. already with one wash the color has faded a little. i'll keep you posted how long the color lasts.

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