the body shop eye definer & smoky eye definer

last week (in finland) the body shop renewed their eye pencil collection. below i will show you both the normal and the smoky eye definers.

the old eye definers consisted of black, brown and white matte shades and blue, turquoise, purple, silver and bronze metallic shades.

the new colors are black, gold, green, turquoise, pink and purple. only black is matte, others are metallic. there is also gonna be a silver one, but it's gonna arrive later to the shops.

the formula feels very similar to the old eye definers. to my liking they are way too soft but i'm sure someone with sensitive eyelids will appreciate.

price in finland: 12,50€

the smoky definers (previously carbon eye definer) have seen more formula change. they used to be harder than the normal eye definers and the color was more intensive. now the formula is super soft but i guess they suit better for doing smoky eye now than before.

the smoky definers have the line smudger in the end of the pencil what helps to do the smoky eye.

all the colors are very similar dark hued. black, brown and blue are matte, the only new color purple is metallic.

price in finland: 13,50€

if you were left to wonder why they don't have normal brown and white eye pencils, i can reveal that there is still coming different options later this year :)

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