l'óreal color riche lipstick 377 perfect red & 131 mistinguette

i'm sorry i've not been updating my blog a lot recently. first i was one week in the country side and then one week sick. now i'm starting university studies about cosmetics chemistry and marketing (so excited!!!) and it's of course taking my time.

but let's go to this day's subject. i wanted to buy an inexpensive red lipstick that is not matte formula. i absolutely love my mac ruby woo lipstick but sometimes you want to use something more creamy and soft. ruby woo is also more blue-tone red and i wanted something warmer toned.

l'óreal color riche lipstick "377 perfect red"
it's actually funny because this lipstick was really the "perfect red" for me. the color is classic warm toned red and the formula is moisturising, but also well pigmented. if you want something more long lasting then this lipstick isn't for you.. but if you are looking for luscious, sexy and soft lips - i really recommend! it is every woman's staple lipstick.

l'óreal color riche matte lipstick "131 mistinguette"
this lipstick was a total impulse buy when i was looking for the red lipstick. when i swatched it on my hand it looked more coral toned pink, so i was a little disappointed how it actually looks on the lips. definitely too pink for me! the formula is matte but if you are used to super matte lipsticks, you wouldn't even call this matte.

the price for each lipstick in finland is around 12,50€.

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