kc professional color mask paint lavender a.k.a how i spent 29€ for nothing

i previously mentioned that i have been dreaming of pastel violet hair, so when i heard that kc professional had launched new product range of color masks that included this "lavender" color i was so excited.

the excitement was short lived though, since the product really didn't work in my hair. of course it's individual, and if my hair was even whiter (i have been working so long to get my silver instead of yellow..) maybe the color would have stick better. but still i expected much more from this product, since the color mask paint is supposed to be more like hair color and not a toner as the original color masks. 

how to use it: wash your hair with shampoo and then towel dry your hair. apply the product in your hair and comb it through to get even result. leave it in the hair for 15-30 min depending of the result you want (i kept the full 30 minutes btw..). the color should stay in the hair from 5 to 30 washes.


i can see a hint of violet in the right up.............

you can check their website to see how the color is supposed to look like and to understand why i feel so disappointed.
the color mask paints cost 14,50€ and because they are only 75ml and i have thick long hair i obviously had to buy two of them. i'm gonna use the rest that was left to tone any yellowness in the roots..

not to leave it in a bad note the color mask paint is a hair mask as well as hair color, so it leaves the hair really moisturised :)

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