wella professionals color fresh silver 0/89

i saw a blog post about wella color fresh toning and i was so excited to try it. i chose the second darkest grey - silver 0/89 - that looked super grey on the sample. i was left to be disappointed again.

i'm sorry i didn't make a proper before picture, i was already in the shower when i remembered :D but here is few pictures so you get the idea.

so my hair was already pretty silver before using the wella toning.

and here is the after.

as you can see, my attempt to go darker didn't really happen. i understand that maybe it can be that i thought different about the product, but i explained to the shop assistant what i wanted, and she recommended this colour. anyway i think the wella color fresh works really well for someone that has yellow toned hair and wants to make it colder.

i washed my hair and dried it to almost dry before applying the product, and i kept it on for 45 min instead of 5-20 min that was recommended (the guide was saying you can leave it on longer for more intensive finish). the only difference that i noticed was that in the sunlight the hair looked more colder toned.. so my journey to grey hair continues.


new favorite: clinique superdefense CC cream SPF 30 colour correcting skin protector

i got a sample of the clinique cc cream and i must say i'm pleasantly surprised. the formula is really soft and lightweight and it makes the skin look healthy and radiant.

my bare face on the left and with clinique cc cream on the right. my sample is shade light-medium.

what is a cc cream? it's lighter than a foundation, but heavier than a tinted moisturiser. cc creams are usually also lighter than bb creams. the letters "cc" stand for color correcting. why i love this product is that it actually neutralizes my redness very well.

i'm so in awe with this product that i will definitely be purchasing it soon. it's a great summer product since i don't like to use foundation in the summer. the shade light-medium is perfect because it gives me a little bit color, but it still looks really natural. i also prefer the high sun protection that the product has.

the price in finland is 36€.


the body shop vitamin e eyes cube

the body shop has launched bunch of new products this year, the newest here in finland is the vitamin e eyes cube. it's a stick form eye cream that includes wheat germ oil (vitamin e source) and soybean oil.

what i love about this product that it has a cooling effect so it feels very fresh in the skin. the formula is well moisturising (but not too thick), and the product has mica in it, so it reflects with the light to make dark under eyes look lighter.

what i see as the negative is the size. i think it just depends of ones opinion, but i feel it's a bit clumsy to use. for example, it's hard to apply the product to the inner corner of the eye area, which is my driest part.

however, i find this product nice to use in the summer time, and the price is not bad - only 10€.


first impression: gerard cosmetics kimchi doll lipstick and candy kiss lip gloss

this is the first time that i'm trying gerard cosmetics products. there was a great bundle offer of these products that i purchased (lipstick+lip gloss+teeth whitening pen) with 25$ instead of 65$. the bundle offer also included free delivery and the package came in 9 days from US, so it was pretty quick.

i ordered candy kiss lip gloss (made in collaboration with shannon harris)  and kimchi doll lipstick (made in collaboration with sophia chang). i saw this combo on shannon and it looked so beautiful that i had to have them.

the packaging of the lip gloss is awesome! it has mirror and light, so it's easy to apply even f.e in a nightclub. the formula of the lip gloss is creamy and not sticky. the only negative is that because the color is so light, its a bit hard to get evenly. this lip gloss will look great with darker eye makeup.

kimchi doll is just the perfect nude for me. i haven't bought light nude lipsticks before, because i always thought the colour would "disappear" on my face, because i have a light skin tone. this shade is just so beautiful pink undertoned nude and it actually suits me very well (so other light blonds don't be scared). the formula is moisturising and soft with medium pigment.

here i'm wearing both kimchi doll and candy kiss. this combo will look even better when i get a little bit of tan.

i was actually so pleased with the products that i ordered two other lipsticks today! if you are interested of gerard cosmetics products, check their instagram/facebook for great discount codes.
i will write about the teeth whitening pen later, when i have used it a few weeks.


h&m highlighter powder

i don't understand how hard is to make affordable single highlighter powder! either they are expensive or in a palette where i don't need the other products.
i was buying clothes in h&m online shop, and their highlighter popped out. the price was only 4,99€ (and there was also 10% discount), so the risk buying this product without seeing it first wasn't big.

in the picture online it definitely looked lighter. as you can see the color is kind of gold/bronze. but anyway, this shade will look nice in the summer with a tan, so i'm not disappointed.
of course with this price you are not gonna get the best quality. the powder is not pressed enough, so there comes a lot of product with one sweep of the brush. though, it lasts really well all day, and that is the main point. that is why i would say it's good value for money.

personally i like even lighter highlighters, i have used until now the inglot eyeshadow 395 - it has the perfect shade. i will use the h&m one until it's finished, but i don't think i will repurchase it.


the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser & instant glow enhancer

two new products to complement the vitamin c range.

vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser 24,80€

i normally don't like face moisturisers that have strong scent, but the citrusy scent of this product is so fresh that i actually love it. the formula is gel-cream and it's great for summer time - i love the cool effect it makes in the skin. i have been using this almost two weeks now and i feel it's moisturising enough for my normal-combination skin, but i'm not sure how it works on a very dry skin. main ingredients are vitamin c (from camu camu berries), soybean oil and aloe vera gel.

vitamin c instant glow enhancer 19,90€

peach toned cream that freshens dull looking skin. personally i didn't see so much of a difference on my face after applying this product, but my skin is in pretty good condition right now, so maybe it works better when your face actually looks dull and tired. main ingredients are vitamin c (from camu camu berries), honey and glycerin. apply after the moisturiser.


isadora nude sensation fluid foundation

isadora's newest foundation is the nude sensation fluid foundation. it says to be no makeup feel, nude finish, light formula and medium coverage foundation for all skin types.

i have mixed feelings about this product. it takes work to apply evenly, since the formula is oddly sticky. but in the end the finish is not heavy at all - light/medium cover and matte finish.

my sample is the shade 16 nude almond.

i did earlier this year a swatch of the maybelline dream wonder nude foundation and maybe some of you are thinking between of these two foundations. isadora's nude sensation is a little bit more covering and long lasting than the maybelline's dream wonder nude that is really light.

the price of isadora nude sensation fluid foundation is around 21,90€.


the body shop honey bronze highlighting dome & face gel

here are the newest additions to the body shop's honey bronze make up range.

honey bronze highlighting dome 14,50€

i must do a tutorial about these, because they are just so gorgeous. perfect for summer make up! 01 can be used on top of the cheek bone for highlighting, 02 can be used as blush and 03 suits for darker skin tones. the texture is creamy and you can apply them straight from the applicator or tap it on with your fingers.

honey bronze face gel 18,90€

 left: bare face, right: with honey bronze face gel

this is an enhanced product of a similar face gel they used to have before. you can either apply it on after moisturiser, or mix it up with your foundation. this color goes away when you wash your face, so it's a perfect product for someone who doesn't want to use self tan.

new shade: honey bronze bronzing powder 05 dark golden matte 17,30€


skin care happy hour: the body shop virgin mojito body care collection

i'm so excited about these products! mojito is my absolute favorite drink and these products mimic the fresh scent really well. the main ingredients are of course lime and minth.

the virgin mojito collection is launched today in finland. i'm sorry to inform that this collection is limited edition, so go get it will it lasts!

shower gel 8,70€, body scrub 18,90€

the shower gel has a little difference compared to the body shop's other shower gels - instead of honey it has glycerin as moisturising ingredient, so this shower gel is vegan. the scent of this product is just pure mojito, so juicy and fresh.

the body scrub is very similar than the fuji green tea scrub. not my cup of tea, since i prefer rougher scrubs.

body sorbet 15€, body butter 19,50€

the formula of the body sorbet is light and gel like, i prefer to use this product, because it suits better for my normal skin. the body sorbet is a great summer product, because it has aloe vera in it, so i use if after being in the sun. to get the most fresh effect, put it in the fridge before using.

the body butter is for all skin types and i would categorize it in the middle - the formula is thicker than in the fruity ones, but lighter than in the nutty ones. sometimes in thicker creams the scent can get a little stale after applied on the skin, but this one stays fresh.

body splash 22,50€

the body splash is light fragrance that you tap on to your skin (pour either to your hands or straight to the area you want to put it and tap the skin to make it absorb). when i tried the body splash, the scent was first strong alcohol like, but when it has been in the skin for half a minute or so, it starts to warm up and the scent is so delicious. with lime and minth there is also coconut.

the collection includes also fun gift sets in form of a shaker and cooler, really great for a cocktail loving friend ;)


party makeup tutorial || silver glitter eyeliner & purple lips

products used in the video:
lancome teint miracle 02
urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
smashit contour palette dark/mix 2
isadora eye shadow palette 56 smoky eyes
isadora glossy eyeliner 40 chrome black
make up store mixing liquid
silver glitter (from ebay)
lumene beauty base dark under eye concealer
lumene color correcting concealer - red neutralizing
mac prep & prime light boost
the body shop loose face powder 02
the body shop honey bronze bronzing powder 04 deep matte
smashit contour palette dark/mix 2
inglot eyeshadow 395
isadora perfect powder blusher 02 cool pink
the body shop lip liner 03 clover pink
lime crime airborne unicorn
ardell invisibands demi luvies black
sensai mascara 38C separating & lengthening

brushes used in the video:
mac 187 duo fibre face brush
duroy eye shadow brush
duroy proffs precision brush
duroy blending brush
duroy eyeliner brush
mac 129 powder/blush brush
lumene powder brush (got it as a gift after buying their products, not in normal sale)
mac 109 small contour brush

on my nails:
rimmel lasting finish 170 lively lilac
mavala 213 pure diamond
h&m glitter nail polish


my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 6/9 light pinks

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5)

when i started wearing lipsticks they use to always be pink - in total i have 14 pink lip products, so i decided to divide it in lighter and darker pinks. the irony is that nowadays i rather wear anything else than pink :D

(what is in top of that max factor lipstick???)

the body shop lip & cheek velvet stick "20 poppy pink"

it's not as crazy pink as the lipstick below, so this lip & cheek stick is in my weekly use. also the matte finish makes it look more modern - but the matte finish is also a minus, because if you have any dryness in the lips, it shows and the color doesn't apply evenly. price: 14,90€

maybelline color sensational vivids "900 pink pop"

this barbie pink color is definitely hard to pull off, it doesn't suit for everyone or with every make up look. i usually pair this lipstick with bold eyeliner to make the look more modern and less bimbo. price: 9,60€

rimmel colour show off lipstick "020 shake-up pink"

this lipstick used to be my absolute favorite, in 2012 it was probably the only lipstick that i wore. i like this kind of peachy undertoned color. i think rimmel has quit the colour show off lipstick range so unfortunately its not available anymore.

max factor colour elixir lipstick "625 magenta divine"

my least favorite lipstick from the pinks, i think it's because it has a little bit frost in it. definitely a miss purchase, i don't recall if i have even used this. price: 12,50€

the body shop colour crush lipstick "225 blushing pink"

a great pink lipstick for someone that isn't comfortable with bright colors, because this one is really near the actual lip colour. the formula is super moisturising, and the lipstick lasts okay, but not as good as some. price: 13,90€

sensai the lipstick "08 araishu"

my second favorite from the lighter pinks. the lipstick is super long lasting, but it also glides well to the lips when applying and feels moisturising. i would never use this much money on a lipstick, but i bought this from an outlet with few euro, because it was meant to be a tester. i think they don't make this shade anymore.
price: 50,50€

the body shop lip gloss "45 watermelon"

the body shop lip glosses are juicy and they smell amazing, but they don't have a lot of pigment. they don't feel too sticky on the lips, and they also have a lot of moisturising ingredients. i usually use this lip gloss on top of pink lipstick. price: 13,80€