my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 6/9 light pinks

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when i started wearing lipsticks they use to always be pink - in total i have 14 pink lip products, so i decided to divide it in lighter and darker pinks. the irony is that nowadays i rather wear anything else than pink :D

(what is in top of that max factor lipstick???)

the body shop lip & cheek velvet stick "20 poppy pink"

it's not as crazy pink as the lipstick below, so this lip & cheek stick is in my weekly use. also the matte finish makes it look more modern - but the matte finish is also a minus, because if you have any dryness in the lips, it shows and the color doesn't apply evenly. price: 14,90€

maybelline color sensational vivids "900 pink pop"

this barbie pink color is definitely hard to pull off, it doesn't suit for everyone or with every make up look. i usually pair this lipstick with bold eyeliner to make the look more modern and less bimbo. price: 9,60€

rimmel colour show off lipstick "020 shake-up pink"

this lipstick used to be my absolute favorite, in 2012 it was probably the only lipstick that i wore. i like this kind of peachy undertoned color. i think rimmel has quit the colour show off lipstick range so unfortunately its not available anymore.

max factor colour elixir lipstick "625 magenta divine"

my least favorite lipstick from the pinks, i think it's because it has a little bit frost in it. definitely a miss purchase, i don't recall if i have even used this. price: 12,50€

the body shop colour crush lipstick "225 blushing pink"

a great pink lipstick for someone that isn't comfortable with bright colors, because this one is really near the actual lip colour. the formula is super moisturising, and the lipstick lasts okay, but not as good as some. price: 13,90€

sensai the lipstick "08 araishu"

my second favorite from the lighter pinks. the lipstick is super long lasting, but it also glides well to the lips when applying and feels moisturising. i would never use this much money on a lipstick, but i bought this from an outlet with few euro, because it was meant to be a tester. i think they don't make this shade anymore.
price: 50,50€

the body shop lip gloss "45 watermelon"

the body shop lip glosses are juicy and they smell amazing, but they don't have a lot of pigment. they don't feel too sticky on the lips, and they also have a lot of moisturising ingredients. i usually use this lip gloss on top of pink lipstick. price: 13,80€

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