make matte lips with lip liner

matte lips are now trendy and what a easier way to create matte look on the lips than with lip liner. if you have dry lips, first exfoliate your lips and add lip balm, then blot the extra lip balm away with a tissue, otherwise the color of the lip liner will not stick. line your lips and then fill them with color. scroll down to see few examples.

the body shop lip liner "03 clover pink"

the body shop lip liner "13 rosy red"

mac lip pencil "burgundy"


sensai mascara 38°C separating & lengthening

i'm a bit boring sometimes - when i find a good product i tend to use it continuously for a long time and then i don't try new products.. i have used isadora's volume & curl mascara over a year now, so when my current one was finishing before the barcelona trip, i saw the opportunity to buy something from tax free.

i'm sure i have tried sensai's separating & lengthening mascara many years ago, since sensai's mascaras were all that i used before. i would say this product is good every day mascara for someone who wants more lenght in their eyelashes. im not so sure about the separating though (just check the pictures..). on the plus side, it lasts really well all day - compared to the isadora's that crumbs.. it is also super easy to remove, the 38C in the name means you need just warm water to remove it. i think the texture is fine, not too runny, so its easy to build with adding more coats. the brush is well sized for effortless use, though nowadays i prefer curved brush better.

my bare eyelashes

one coat of sensai's separating & lengthening mascara

two coats of sensai's separating & lengthening mascara

the normal price of this mascara is 29,50€, so 12€ more than the isadora's what i have been using. mascara is a makeup product that you purchase several times per year compared to other makeup products, so even i like this product, i don't think i will repurchase it.


my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 5/9 reds

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

lumene raspberry miracle shine lipstick "107 hot day"

easy everyday lipstick, when you want just a little bit of color. super moisturising formula and sheer pigment.

mac matte lipstick "lady danger"

in this picture the lipstick looks a bit too orange what it is, eventhough it is orange toned red.. lady danger is one of my favorite lipsticks, eventhough i would prefer that the formula would be other than matte. i recommend this if you are fan of bright reds.

rimmel lasting finish by kate lipstick "01"

this lipstick is more darker and browner toned red and that's why i like to wear it in the autumn/winter time. it lasts well on the lips, but it also feels moisturising and soft. i'm not sure if this lipstick is sold anymore in finland, at least it wasn't in the rimmel finland site.

maybelline color elixir "505 signature scarlet"

my absolutely favourite lip gloss! it has really great pigment without feeling sticky on the lips. only minus i would say is the fragrance, because its quite strong.


lumene color correcting & blurring primer

i admit, i have not been really good using primer for the whole face, but that's because i hadn't found the perfect match for me. now i think i'm pretty close.

few months ago i got a bunch of sample bags from lumene and one of them was the color correcting & blurring primer. i have tried a few blurring primers and they have all been too mattifying for me and they make my skin look dry. why i like this primer is that it's lighter than others. the feeling in the skin is still silky, but it's not too mattifying. the formula is nude color and it should make the skin more evenly colored, but i wouldn't say it's doing that much.

wearing lumene color correcting & blurring primer in the left.


le specs and quay australia sunglasses

summer is coming so now is a perfect time to talk about my favorite sunglasses! for a few years now i have only been buying from an australian brand called le specs. reasons that i love them are interesting and different designs that others don't have, good quality, but still they are not as expensive as high end sunglasses. their prices usually varies from 39,90-69,90€. you can buy le specs sunglasses on their website, but they are sold also in various online shops.

few weeks ago i found another interesting australian brand quay australia. i was planning to make a purchase from them after i came back from barcelona, but to my luck i saw the pair i wanted in nelly.com and i did the purchase immediately.

quay australia "kitti" tortoise (price: 49,95€ in nelly.com)

i absolutely love cat eye sunglasses and in my opinion this is the perfect model. i would love to have this pair in black, white and red as well..

le specs "runaways" black (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se)

one of le specs' iconic sunglasses, also my first and favorite le specs pair. they are dirty and full of scratches, that means i have been wearing them 24/7 for 2 years :D. they suit my face shape and go with every style.

le specs "just maui'd" gold/blue (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se , 69,95€ in nelly.com)

one of the only aviator style sunglasses that actually suit me. the combination between gold and blue is really beautiful, but unfortunately the model is a little bit big for me, so i haven't wore them many times.

le specs "halfmoon magic" black (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se)

quirky cat eye styled pair, that i wear when i want to look more edgy.

le specs "noddy" leopard/blue (price: now in sale 29,90€ in lespecs.se)

awesome and funny pair to wear in the summer!

le specs "hermosa" tortoise (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se)

my most recent buying from le specs. i was in need of more rectangular shaped, bigger sunglasses that are also brown colored.


barcelona shopping

few years ago i was in bologna and i got to know an italian make up brand kiko cosmetics. first time buying their products i wasn't sure about the quality, so i didn't buy much - which i regretted later after i used the products and found them to be great.

so when i went to barcelona, one of my main interests was to visit kiko store. nowadays kiko also has online shop and they deliver many countries in europe, but you can never know the real color and formula without seeing the actual product. i always purchase make up rather from a real store than online, if i have the chance.

kiko infinity eyeshadows 254 golden cream, 264 sparkling green, 265 pearly mint green.
always when summer is coming i'm tempted to buy turquoise make up.. i couldn't choose between the two, sparkling green is more subtle and matte, pearly mint green will look really good with a tanned skin. my other obsession is golden eyeshadows, and i can't ever have enough of them..

infinity eyeshadows come in single packaging with only plastic cork on top, they cost 4,90€. you can buy separate covers for them, it's called "clics system". there is holders for 1, 3 (in the picture), 4 and 24 eyeshadows.

 first in the left is colour sphere eyeshadow 30 gold (price: 5,90€). the two ohers are water eyeshadows 215 midnight blue and 229 pearly gray (price: 8,90€).

as you can see the gold eyeshadow doesn't really have color pigment in it, it's more like a gold glitter, so it's possible to apply on top of other eyeshadows as well. the water eyeshadows have really strong and beautiful pigment, but still they have a silky feeling. you can use them either wet or dry. the packaging has a mirror.

it's not a suprise that my favourite products from kiko are the eyeshadows. they definitely have the best quality-price ratio - all single eyeshadows are between 2,90-8,90€ - and the pigment is as good as in many professional eyeshadows. highly recommend to try them!

my only purchase from sephora was urban decay's iconic product eyeshadow primer potion. i have heard great things about this product, and now was finally the time that i was in a need of a new eyeshadow primer. it was my first time in sephora and what actually happened that there was too much stuff and i couldn't concentrate on anything :D so at least once i bought only what i needed..


my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 4/9 oranges

(part 1part 2, part 3)

clarins instant light lip balm perfector "04 orange"

a lip balm with a hint of orange in it. great for someone that isn't comfortable wearing lipsticks. price: 19,90€

the body shop colour crush shine lipstick "18 sunset romance"

really natural lipstick, close to the actual lip color, with a orange undertone. an every day lip product to someone who wants just a little color. the formula is super moisturising and light, so it is easy to apply even on the go. price: 13,90€

mac amplified creme lipstick "vegas volt"

one of my absolute favorite lipsticks! it is the perfect balance to give some color to the face without being too bright. doesn't matter what you are wearing - it is always the perfect match. the formula is on point as well, it's not as dry as matte, but not as moisturising as satin. price: 20,50€

gosh velvet touch lipstick "153 flirty orange"

once i went to a department store and i thought - let's buy the brightest orange lipstick that they have. and this definitely is bright! the gosh velvet touch lipstick is super pigmented, one of the most pigmented lipsticks i have tried, but it is also creamy, so i recommend using a lip pencil with it, if you want the lipstick stay good looking all day. if you ever feel like your face is looking tired, dull, grey - apply this and you will immediately look more radiant! price: 10,90€

clarins rouge eclat "09 juicy clementine"

juicy clementine is more red-based orange. the formula is nicely moisturising and soft, but it also has a good pigment. one of my favorite lipsticks to use in summer, when you want something bright and shiny. price: 27,50€


my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 3/9 corals

sorry there has been one week hiatus on the blog. i was enjoying one week holiday in lovely barcelona, and i had scheduled posts to appear when i was gone, but for some reason that hasn't worked! but now we will continue as usual :)

(part 1part 2)

mac mineralize rich "be a lady"

be a lady is that kind of color that looks pink in another and orangy in another light, that's why i decided to put it in corals. mineralize rich lipsticks are really nice and easy lipsticks, because they glide easy to the lips, they are soft and moisturising, but also have more pigment than for example the cremesheen lipsticks. this lovely color suits for everyone and even its bright, i would describe it classy. price: 24,50€

maybelline color sensational vivids lipstick "910 shocking coral"

maybelline's shocking coral is also pinky kind of coral. the formula is moisturising, but also really well pigmented. i think i haven't wore this a lot, because i really don't have much to say.. price: 9,60€

l'óreal color riche lip colour"373 magnetic coral"

the magnetic coral is definitely more orangy coral. it is one of my first lipsticks, and i used to wear it all the time in the summer 2012. nowadays i have more coral/orange options, so this one has been stucked in the shelf.. i think one of the reasons is that it has a bit of glitter in it, so i'm not so keen of the finish (anymore). i would say this one has a bit drier formula than the maybelline's lipstick. price: 12,50€

isadora moisturizing lip gloss "14 coral glow"

as you can see, this lip gloss doesn't have much pigment. i'm not really a lip gloss person, because i don't like the stickiness, but if i would use this, i would apply it on top of coral/orange lipstick. (and now you wonder why i even own this product.. sometimes you get blinded by the sales :D) price: 12,50€


too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick

this is my first time trying products from too faced. their website only delivers in US, so it is a bit hard to get your hands on the items. (of course there is various websites selling their stuff, but in finland not really good ones..). too faced in my point of view is really cute and trendy brand. one of their iconic products is the chocolate bar eye shadow collection, which you may have heard of. but of course i'm not so suprised that a product that catched my eye was the melted liquified long wear lipstick.

my choice of colors were from the new shades, chihuahua and melon.

i have seen lip balms and glosses with the sponge applicator, but in a lipstick it's more rare. i have fallen in love with the texture of this product - it's soft and balmy, but also has really covering pigment. it also dries a little bit, so it doesn't feel sticky at all on the lips.

too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick "chihuahua"

i must say this color is much more darker than i expected it to be, and at first i didn't like it at all. but now i have wore it few times and its definitely growing on me. i was thinking a long time between this and the shade "nude", and now i think i should have took that one, but maybe next time ;)

too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick "melon"

really amazing bright summer color, that i will be wearing a lot for sure!

here is a swatch that i based my purchase on, and as you can see the colors are actually much darker, so of course i was a bit shocked first, since i used a great amount of money to buy these from ebay.. (nothing against the person who made that swatch, different lighting/camera/person makes a real difference in make up).
but nonetheless the melted lipstick is a really great product and maybe i will buy some other shades later!


the new body shop eyeliners

more new products from the body shop. they are extending their eyeliner range with 4 new products.

here is the new liquid eyeliners, bold oversized felt eyeliner and skinny thin felt eyeliner - different sizes for different needs. these are definitely needed addition, because they didn't have pen eyeliners before. both eyeliners are water removable. price: 14,50€

the matte kajal is soft, but well pigmented. it comes in black and white. the black matte kajal is a great product for smoky eyes. the white matte kajal you can use for example in the waterline and inner corner. price: 14,50€

there is also a fourth product - velvet gel pen eyeliner. i'm gonna review that later, because it's currenctly available only in brown shade, the black and turquoise are yet to come.