le specs and quay australia sunglasses

summer is coming so now is a perfect time to talk about my favorite sunglasses! for a few years now i have only been buying from an australian brand called le specs. reasons that i love them are interesting and different designs that others don't have, good quality, but still they are not as expensive as high end sunglasses. their prices usually varies from 39,90-69,90€. you can buy le specs sunglasses on their website, but they are sold also in various online shops.

few weeks ago i found another interesting australian brand quay australia. i was planning to make a purchase from them after i came back from barcelona, but to my luck i saw the pair i wanted in nelly.com and i did the purchase immediately.

quay australia "kitti" tortoise (price: 49,95€ in nelly.com)

i absolutely love cat eye sunglasses and in my opinion this is the perfect model. i would love to have this pair in black, white and red as well..

le specs "runaways" black (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se)

one of le specs' iconic sunglasses, also my first and favorite le specs pair. they are dirty and full of scratches, that means i have been wearing them 24/7 for 2 years :D. they suit my face shape and go with every style.

le specs "just maui'd" gold/blue (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se , 69,95€ in nelly.com)

one of the only aviator style sunglasses that actually suit me. the combination between gold and blue is really beautiful, but unfortunately the model is a little bit big for me, so i haven't wore them many times.

le specs "halfmoon magic" black (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se)

quirky cat eye styled pair, that i wear when i want to look more edgy.

le specs "noddy" leopard/blue (price: now in sale 29,90€ in lespecs.se)

awesome and funny pair to wear in the summer!

le specs "hermosa" tortoise (price: 59,90€ in lespecs.se)

my most recent buying from le specs. i was in need of more rectangular shaped, bigger sunglasses that are also brown colored.

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