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few years ago i was in bologna and i got to know an italian make up brand kiko cosmetics. first time buying their products i wasn't sure about the quality, so i didn't buy much - which i regretted later after i used the products and found them to be great.

so when i went to barcelona, one of my main interests was to visit kiko store. nowadays kiko also has online shop and they deliver many countries in europe, but you can never know the real color and formula without seeing the actual product. i always purchase make up rather from a real store than online, if i have the chance.

kiko infinity eyeshadows 254 golden cream, 264 sparkling green, 265 pearly mint green.
always when summer is coming i'm tempted to buy turquoise make up.. i couldn't choose between the two, sparkling green is more subtle and matte, pearly mint green will look really good with a tanned skin. my other obsession is golden eyeshadows, and i can't ever have enough of them..

infinity eyeshadows come in single packaging with only plastic cork on top, they cost 4,90€. you can buy separate covers for them, it's called "clics system". there is holders for 1, 3 (in the picture), 4 and 24 eyeshadows.

 first in the left is colour sphere eyeshadow 30 gold (price: 5,90€). the two ohers are water eyeshadows 215 midnight blue and 229 pearly gray (price: 8,90€).

as you can see the gold eyeshadow doesn't really have color pigment in it, it's more like a gold glitter, so it's possible to apply on top of other eyeshadows as well. the water eyeshadows have really strong and beautiful pigment, but still they have a silky feeling. you can use them either wet or dry. the packaging has a mirror.

it's not a suprise that my favourite products from kiko are the eyeshadows. they definitely have the best quality-price ratio - all single eyeshadows are between 2,90-8,90€ - and the pigment is as good as in many professional eyeshadows. highly recommend to try them!

my only purchase from sephora was urban decay's iconic product eyeshadow primer potion. i have heard great things about this product, and now was finally the time that i was in a need of a new eyeshadow primer. it was my first time in sephora and what actually happened that there was too much stuff and i couldn't concentrate on anything :D so at least once i bought only what i needed..

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