lumene CC color correcting cream

i think the name of this product is a bit confusing. first you think its a CC cream, but then in the small print there is written foundation. and there is also a long list what the product claims to be: foundation, primer, concealer, long lasting, SPF 20 and make the skin radiant. 

my sample shade is medium.

i can almost underline all of those claims. i have a bit redness and the product color corrects well, but i needed to put extra concealer on pimples.

 the formula is medium coverage what suits perfectly for me - my face needs covering but i don't want it to look too caked. the formula is also perfect balance of creaminess and matte. its not too moisturising that it would make my face look "oily", but not that mattifying it would make my skin look dull. actually i think this foundation makes my skin look nicely luminous.

 i agree that the foundation is long lasting but people who have combination or oily skin will need to put a real primer. i also appreciate SPF in the summer.

over all a really great foundation for really affordable price! this became my second favorite foundation after lancome's teint miracle. price in finland 16,50€.

here is picture of the product if you want to know what you are looking for.

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