my lipstick and lipgloss collection part 9/9 dark

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so now we have come to the final part of my lip products collection! bold dark colors.

dior addict extreme lipstick "987 black tie"

i was actually lucky with this one, i was looking for red wine shade lipstick and i found this on discount with 10€. this is one of my favorites, the lipstick is so easy to apply to the lips because of the moisturising texture. even if its super soft and creamy, there is still tons of pigment. i wouldn't recommend to a person who wants long lasting though.
price: not sure but probably ~40€

sensai the lipstick "15 murasaki"

bought this one from an outlet with -50% when i was looking for darker shade lipstick. the formula is super pigmented and long lasting but the finish is still shiny thanks to the gold particles. i haven't use this lipstick for a while because its actually too brown to my liking.
price: 50,50€

mac matte lipstick "diva" 

this lipstick i bought because i wanted something similar than the sensai lipstick but more red toned. in these pictures there is maybe not so much difference, but diva is certainly more dark red and sensai's murasaki more brown. also diva's formula is really pigmented and long lasting, but the texture is matte.
price: 20,50€

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