STROBING tutorial

what is strobing? in my quick and easy video you will find out.

products used in the video:
inglot eyeshadow 395 (as highlighter)
mac 109 small contour brush
isadora perfect powder blusher 02 cool pink

on my lips:
too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick "chihuahua" (check my post about this product)

on my eyes:
urban decay naked eyes palette "sidecar" and "hustle"

other great highlighters for strobing are for example the balm mary lou manizer and gerard cosmetics star powder audrey.


anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick retro coral

finally i bought one of the "it" items of the year - anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick. it took me a while to choose color since they have 21 permanent shades and 9 new limited edition shades. i wanted some nice summer shade with pink and coral tones so retro coral was perfect for me.

i absolutely love the glamourous feel of the packaging - it looks so luxurious. the formula of the lipstick is super lightweight and soft. after a minute or so it dries to the lips. for best finish i recommend to apply to layers.

"retro coral" - this shade is so beautiful! so bright, almost neon.

what i don't agree is the long lasting factor. yes okay - it lasts super well if you don't do anything but if you eat the color starts to get patchy and go off from the inside (not a good look..). of course it is not a big problem since you can always apply another layer.

the price of the liquid lipstick in anastasia beverly hills official website is 20$ and the shipping to europe is 18$. i bought mine from ebay because in the website they didn't have this shade available. also the shipping was much cheaper in ebay.


summer favorite: garnier ambre solaire dry mist

in my opinion garnier ambre solaire dry mist is the most comfortable sun protection there is. when you spray it on your skin the formula is a little creamy but after 5 minutes your skin feels dry and silky. i just absolutely hate greasy feeling on my skin so this product is perfect for me. SPF 20 is what i use in finland (for body) but in beach holidays i always use SPF 50.

for face i have 3 different products. the clarins cream i use for the whole face. la roche posay stick i use for spots that burn easily - like eyelids, cheekbones and nose. i have also a lip balm with sun protection. all of these have SPF 50 and i wouldn't never use anything less (for face).

in this post i wanted to talk about sun protection generally. this is a subject i take really seriously since i have fair skin and i burn quite easily. UV radiation can cause skin cancer and it is also one of the biggest reasons of premature skin aging. always choose sun protection that has both UVA and UVB protection.

UVA rays - they go deep in the skin and contribute the forming of free radicals. free radicals can damage collagen and elastin fibres. over time this can be seen in the skin as wrinkles and slackening.
UVB rays - they go only to the outer layers of the skin but they are the ones that cause burning and skin cancer.

after being in the sun remember to moisturise your skin. these are 2 products that i found in my collection for that purpose. the body shop mojito body sorbet you can keep in the fridge to maximize the cooling effect. this product is a really light moisturiser but it works for my normal skin. usually after taking sun i want something with more calming aloe vera in it, so this nivea moisturising after sun lotion i have used in beach holidays. sometimes i buy the aloe vera gel as well.


the scent of italian summer: the body shop italian summer fig eau de toilette

on monday here in finland the body shop launched new parfume to their voyage fragrance range.

i would describe the first scent "green" and "fresh", after a while it has been on the skin, its more "nutty" and "warm".

top notes: redcurrant, grape's leaf
mid notes: italian fig, tuscan rose
base notes: oak, amber

the figs used in the fragrance are collected from puglia region in midsummer.

if you are familiar with the voyage range, you can see that is has got a face lift - the packages has been redesigned.

the collection consists of:
- body mist 16,30€ (lighter scent, lasts in the skin few hours)
- eau de toilette 27€
- shower gel 13,60€
- body cream 19,50€ (resembles lighter body butter)
(- body lotion 15€, in finland selected stores only)


gold & turquoise makeup

this is my go-to makeup look in the summer, i end up doing it many times! i think the coral lips are perfect with the turquoise, but if you want the look more subtle, you can do light nude lips as well.

products used in the video:
the body shop honey bronze bronzing powder 04 deep matte
h&m highlighter powder
isadora perfect powder blusher 05 pinky peach
urban decay naked eyes palette "half baked"
isadora twist-up metallic eye pen 50 paradise green (it seems that it is discontinued :()
-> dupe: the body shop velvet gel pen eyeliner turquoise
the body shop smoky 2-in-1 gel liner
sensai mascara 38C separating & lengthening
gerard cosmetics tequila sunrise lipstick

what i used for the base:
lumene CC color correcting & blurring primer
lancome teint miracle 02
lumene beauty base dark under eye concealer
urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
lumene color correcting concealer - red neutralizing
maybelline fit me concealer 20 sand
mac prep & prime light boost
the body shop loose face powder 02

what i used for the eyebrows:
lumene blueberry eyebrow pencil 03
lumene blueberry tinted eyebrow shaping wax

brushes used in this video:
lumene powder brush (got it as a gift after buying their products, not in normal sale)
mac 109 small contour brush
mac 129 powder/blush brush
duroy eye shadow brush
duroy eyeliner brush

my top: h&m
my necklace: ginatricot


my facial skin care routine || skin care tips || the body shop products

for few years now i have used skin care products from the body shop. what i'm looking for in facial skin care products is good quality but not overpriced. after trying many products i have found my perfect combination.

my skin is normal, more towards combination skin than dry skin.

daily use

i don't like to use products on the face that have strong scent - that's why my favorite product range is the aloe vera, it doesn't have any perfume. i also love the aloe vera creams texture, because they are moisturising without being too thick.

the skin in my face is mechanically sensitive which means it can get irritated with a lot of touching. that's why i don't wash my face with water and cleanser in the morning because then it will get red. instead i only wipe my face with the aloe toner. i love toners that are mild enough to also wipe the eyes. in the morning i apply the aloe day cream and moisture white shiso 2 in 1 brightening eye cream. this eye cream is really great if you have dark circles because it reflects light well. it also has metallic applicator that removes puffiness.
i have also been trying new products in my morning routine, read my post about the vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser and vitamin e eyes cube.

in the evening i use the seaweed cleanser to wash my face. this cleanser removes make up better than any milk formula cleanser that i have tried. the seaweed range is for combination skin so it suits for me. i finish my cleansing with the aloe toner. in the evening i apply aloe night- and eye cream. i like to use this eye cream for the night because its nice to have soothing effect after removing eye makeup.

 as you can see the day cream is more light and gel-like, the night cream thicker. its important to use both day- and night cream because they have different functions. day cream protects the skin and night cream repairs.

weekly use

once a week i use the vitamin c microdermabrasion for exfoliating. this scrub is really effective with a lot of exfoliating particles. if you have thick and oily skin, you can do the exfoliating twice a week, and if you have thin and sensitive skin, you might want to do it only once in 2 weeks. exfoliating removes the dead skin cells so it makes the skin look more radiant. it also helps the serums and moisturisers absorb better to the skin.

depending my skin's condition, i either use the aloe mask for moisturising or tea tree mask for purifying.

extra products

one product that i couldn't be without is the tea tree oil. it helps to get rid of pimples fast but gently. normally i don't use waterproof make up but when i do i have the waterproof makeup remover ready.

the other two products are really mostly summer products for me. the soothing aloe gel gives relieve to the face after being in the sun. vitamin e face mist gives the face extra moisture fast when needed.


black boho open toe fringe boots

i'm always looking for shoes that you can wear in many seasons. these shoes caught my eye immediately and when they were also in little discount - the deal was sealed. the open toe (..and open heel) makes them wearable in the summer but they are covering enough to wear also in spring and autumn. first i was thinking to buy them brown since i don't own many brown shoes, but in the end black was more safe option because it goes well with anything. i absolutely love the boho vibe that the fringes make.

the reason i would never become a full-time fashion blogger is that i suck at posing :D this outfit i wore for casual dinner with my husband.

shoes: nelly, dress: nelly (sold out, you will find similar ones in their website)


my lipstick and lipgloss collection part 9/9 dark

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8)

so now we have come to the final part of my lip products collection! bold dark colors.

dior addict extreme lipstick "987 black tie"

i was actually lucky with this one, i was looking for red wine shade lipstick and i found this on discount with 10€. this is one of my favorites, the lipstick is so easy to apply to the lips because of the moisturising texture. even if its super soft and creamy, there is still tons of pigment. i wouldn't recommend to a person who wants long lasting though.
price: not sure but probably ~40€

sensai the lipstick "15 murasaki"

bought this one from an outlet with -50% when i was looking for darker shade lipstick. the formula is super pigmented and long lasting but the finish is still shiny thanks to the gold particles. i haven't use this lipstick for a while because its actually too brown to my liking.
price: 50,50€

mac matte lipstick "diva" 

this lipstick i bought because i wanted something similar than the sensai lipstick but more red toned. in these pictures there is maybe not so much difference, but diva is certainly more dark red and sensai's murasaki more brown. also diva's formula is really pigmented and long lasting, but the texture is matte.
price: 20,50€