summer favorite: garnier ambre solaire dry mist

in my opinion garnier ambre solaire dry mist is the most comfortable sun protection there is. when you spray it on your skin the formula is a little creamy but after 5 minutes your skin feels dry and silky. i just absolutely hate greasy feeling on my skin so this product is perfect for me. SPF 20 is what i use in finland (for body) but in beach holidays i always use SPF 50.

for face i have 3 different products. the clarins cream i use for the whole face. la roche posay stick i use for spots that burn easily - like eyelids, cheekbones and nose. i have also a lip balm with sun protection. all of these have SPF 50 and i wouldn't never use anything less (for face).

in this post i wanted to talk about sun protection generally. this is a subject i take really seriously since i have fair skin and i burn quite easily. UV radiation can cause skin cancer and it is also one of the biggest reasons of premature skin aging. always choose sun protection that has both UVA and UVB protection.

UVA rays - they go deep in the skin and contribute the forming of free radicals. free radicals can damage collagen and elastin fibres. over time this can be seen in the skin as wrinkles and slackening.
UVB rays - they go only to the outer layers of the skin but they are the ones that cause burning and skin cancer.

after being in the sun remember to moisturise your skin. these are 2 products that i found in my collection for that purpose. the body shop mojito body sorbet you can keep in the fridge to maximize the cooling effect. this product is a really light moisturiser but it works for my normal skin. usually after taking sun i want something with more calming aloe vera in it, so this nivea moisturising after sun lotion i have used in beach holidays. sometimes i buy the aloe vera gel as well.

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