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for few years now i have used skin care products from the body shop. what i'm looking for in facial skin care products is good quality but not overpriced. after trying many products i have found my perfect combination.

my skin is normal, more towards combination skin than dry skin.

daily use

i don't like to use products on the face that have strong scent - that's why my favorite product range is the aloe vera, it doesn't have any perfume. i also love the aloe vera creams texture, because they are moisturising without being too thick.

the skin in my face is mechanically sensitive which means it can get irritated with a lot of touching. that's why i don't wash my face with water and cleanser in the morning because then it will get red. instead i only wipe my face with the aloe toner. i love toners that are mild enough to also wipe the eyes. in the morning i apply the aloe day cream and moisture white shiso 2 in 1 brightening eye cream. this eye cream is really great if you have dark circles because it reflects light well. it also has metallic applicator that removes puffiness.
i have also been trying new products in my morning routine, read my post about the vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser and vitamin e eyes cube.

in the evening i use the seaweed cleanser to wash my face. this cleanser removes make up better than any milk formula cleanser that i have tried. the seaweed range is for combination skin so it suits for me. i finish my cleansing with the aloe toner. in the evening i apply aloe night- and eye cream. i like to use this eye cream for the night because its nice to have soothing effect after removing eye makeup.

 as you can see the day cream is more light and gel-like, the night cream thicker. its important to use both day- and night cream because they have different functions. day cream protects the skin and night cream repairs.

weekly use

once a week i use the vitamin c microdermabrasion for exfoliating. this scrub is really effective with a lot of exfoliating particles. if you have thick and oily skin, you can do the exfoliating twice a week, and if you have thin and sensitive skin, you might want to do it only once in 2 weeks. exfoliating removes the dead skin cells so it makes the skin look more radiant. it also helps the serums and moisturisers absorb better to the skin.

depending my skin's condition, i either use the aloe mask for moisturising or tea tree mask for purifying.

extra products

one product that i couldn't be without is the tea tree oil. it helps to get rid of pimples fast but gently. normally i don't use waterproof make up but when i do i have the waterproof makeup remover ready.

the other two products are really mostly summer products for me. the soothing aloe gel gives relieve to the face after being in the sun. vitamin e face mist gives the face extra moisture fast when needed.

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