my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 4/9 oranges

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clarins instant light lip balm perfector "04 orange"

a lip balm with a hint of orange in it. great for someone that isn't comfortable wearing lipsticks. price: 19,90€

the body shop colour crush shine lipstick "18 sunset romance"

really natural lipstick, close to the actual lip color, with a orange undertone. an every day lip product to someone who wants just a little color. the formula is super moisturising and light, so it is easy to apply even on the go. price: 13,90€

mac amplified creme lipstick "vegas volt"

one of my absolute favorite lipsticks! it is the perfect balance to give some color to the face without being too bright. doesn't matter what you are wearing - it is always the perfect match. the formula is on point as well, it's not as dry as matte, but not as moisturising as satin. price: 20,50€

gosh velvet touch lipstick "153 flirty orange"

once i went to a department store and i thought - let's buy the brightest orange lipstick that they have. and this definitely is bright! the gosh velvet touch lipstick is super pigmented, one of the most pigmented lipsticks i have tried, but it is also creamy, so i recommend using a lip pencil with it, if you want the lipstick stay good looking all day. if you ever feel like your face is looking tired, dull, grey - apply this and you will immediately look more radiant! price: 10,90€

clarins rouge eclat "09 juicy clementine"

juicy clementine is more red-based orange. the formula is nicely moisturising and soft, but it also has a good pigment. one of my favorite lipsticks to use in summer, when you want something bright and shiny. price: 27,50€

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