the new body shop eyeliners

more new products from the body shop. they are extending their eyeliner range with 4 new products.

here is the new liquid eyeliners, bold oversized felt eyeliner and skinny thin felt eyeliner - different sizes for different needs. these are definitely needed addition, because they didn't have pen eyeliners before. both eyeliners are water removable. price: 14,50€

the matte kajal is soft, but well pigmented. it comes in black and white. the black matte kajal is a great product for smoky eyes. the white matte kajal you can use for example in the waterline and inner corner. price: 14,50€

there is also a fourth product - velvet gel pen eyeliner. i'm gonna review that later, because it's currenctly available only in brown shade, the black and turquoise are yet to come.

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