too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick

this is my first time trying products from too faced. their website only delivers in US, so it is a bit hard to get your hands on the items. (of course there is various websites selling their stuff, but in finland not really good ones..). too faced in my point of view is really cute and trendy brand. one of their iconic products is the chocolate bar eye shadow collection, which you may have heard of. but of course i'm not so suprised that a product that catched my eye was the melted liquified long wear lipstick.

my choice of colors were from the new shades, chihuahua and melon.

i have seen lip balms and glosses with the sponge applicator, but in a lipstick it's more rare. i have fallen in love with the texture of this product - it's soft and balmy, but also has really covering pigment. it also dries a little bit, so it doesn't feel sticky at all on the lips.

too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick "chihuahua"

i must say this color is much more darker than i expected it to be, and at first i didn't like it at all. but now i have wore it few times and its definitely growing on me. i was thinking a long time between this and the shade "nude", and now i think i should have took that one, but maybe next time ;)

too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick "melon"

really amazing bright summer color, that i will be wearing a lot for sure!

here is a swatch that i based my purchase on, and as you can see the colors are actually much darker, so of course i was a bit shocked first, since i used a great amount of money to buy these from ebay.. (nothing against the person who made that swatch, different lighting/camera/person makes a real difference in make up).
but nonetheless the melted lipstick is a really great product and maybe i will buy some other shades later!

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