the body shop fuji green tea body care collection

today here in finland the body shop launched new body care collection - fuji green tea. i must say i'm not an expert of tea since i don't like to drink it, so i don't really know how green tea smells like, but i would claim the scent of the fuji green tea products is more citrusy and fresh - to my prefering. perfect body care collection for spring and summer time.

the re-design of some products (body wash, scrub and lotion) is succesful in my opinion - the products look now more expensive, in a good way.

green tea is known from its antioxidant and detoxing qualities. the green tea leaves what they use to make these products are collected from mount fuji in japan, where comes the name to the collection.

 body wash (8,70€), exfoliating soap (7,50€), body scrub (18,90€)

fuji green tea body wash: fresh shower gel that doesn't have actual soap in it, so it doesn't dry your skin. inside there is among other things green tea extract and honey.

fuji green tea exfoliating soap: the soap has crushed peanut in it, so it doesn't just clean, but also exfoalites. other ingredients in the soap are i.a shea butter, green tea extract and leaves.

fuji green tea body scrub: the body scrub has a quite strong scent at first, almost like strong alcohol scent. the formula is gel and it has small round exfoliating particles. this product is probably the only one that i'm disappointed of, because i like rough scrubs and this definitely isn't one. but for sure there are customers that they will appreciate mild scrubs also.

body sorbet (15€), body lotion (15€), body butter (19,50€)
moisturising products for all different needs.

fuji green tea body sorbet: the body sorbet is the lightest, the formula imitates real sorbet texture. this product is best used in the summer, for example after taking sun. it has aloe vera in it, and if you keep it in the fridge before applying, you will get really refreshing feeling. other moisturising ingredients are honey and sesame seed oil.

fuji green tea body lotion: the body lotion is very usable for also normal skin type customers like me. body lotion consists i.a sesame seed oil, shea butter and tea tree extract.

fuji green tea body butter: the body butter says to be for all skin types. the formula seems to be similar than for example in the pink grapefruit and satsuma body butters, so i wouldn't necessarily recommend this to very dry skin, but definitely a great body butter to use in summer time. moisturising ingredients in the body butter are shea butter, soybean oil and brazil nut oil.

bath tea (19,80€), bath tea sieve (5€)
really funny and inventive product in the collection is the bath tea. it has green tea extract, aloe vera and basil leaves in it. it saves you a lot of trouble if you will buy the sieve as well, because then you don't need to clean your bath tube after the bath. really cute gift idea for someone who was bath tube.

eau de cologne (22,50€)
my absolute favorite product from the collection! the eau de cologne is a mixture of green tea, citrus fruits and flowers. at first it is really strong and fresh, but after a while the scent warms and it is in its best about after 30 minutes from applying. the eau de cologne lasts longer than the body mists, but less than the eau de toilettes.

the fuji green tea collection is part of the regular range, so it is not limited edition, yay!

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