my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 2/9 peaches

(check first part here).
not sure how to call this color theme. light orange? light coral? so i decided peaches! this is currently my favorite color theme.

mac cremesheen lipstick "coral bliss"
my absolutely favorite everyday lipstick. shine lipsticks became really popular last year and now seems like almost every brand has their own collection. shine lipsticks have more moisturising formula and less pigment than normal lipsticks. they are easy to use because you don't need even mirror or lip liner. you can apply shine lipsticks to dry lips, they work also a little bit as a lip balm (and actually i recommend to do that, because if you apply them on top of lip balm, you won't get almost any pigment to stick to the lips..). coral bliss is a beautiful kind of nude vs. light coral color, that goes well with any make up. if you are looking for nude lipstick, but don't like brownish nudes, try this one! price: 20,50€

isadora twist-up matt lips "52 posh peach"
this is more like salmon pink with a little bit of peach in it. currently my favorite lip product, the color is just so beautiful! read my recent review here. price: 13,90€

mac satin lipstick "sushi kiss"
really bright, almost neon, light orange color. this lipstick definitely needs a confident user! if your face is looking tired, grey and dull this lipstick will definitely give your face a pop of color. i would definitely advice to use lip pencil with this, because the lipstick has strong pigment, but it is still light color, so it can get a bit uneven on the lips. price: 20,50€

make up store lipstick "first kiss" matt
very similar than sushi kiss, but more corally and wearable. i prefer this one over the two. good balance between moisturising formula and lasting pigment. so beautiful summer color with tanned skin. price: 20€

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