my lipstick and lip gloss collection part 1/9 nudes

it's around 3 years ago that i started to buy and use lipsticks. before that i was really awkward with any other lip product than lip balm, and now almost a day don't go by that i wouldn't wear lipstick. i feel that my face looks so naked, bland and boring without!
since i'm obsessed with lip products, i wanted to do a review of my already existing collection. usually in the blog the tendency is to swatch only new products, but i want some attention for my favorites as well! the series will consist of 9 parts, showing different color themes.

(yeah really wondering why i have put these in wrong order..)

rimmel moisture renew lipstick "700 nude delight"
warm toned nude, that goes well with any make up. really easy color to pull off, this is one of my first lipsticks.. for a moisturising lipstick it has a great pigment, but you definitely need to reapply after eating. on a plus side - it looks great even in dry lips. rimmel updated the moisture renew collection while ago, but they still have this same shade. price: (around) 9€

mac satin lipstick "faux"
this lipstick i bought instead when i wasn't sure to buy or not velvet teddy. and now actually i might prefer this one. faux is a cool toned nude, with a hint of pink undertone. it has a great pigment and it lasts well, but it is also enough moisturising to look smooth in the lips. if you are interested of the 90's vibe, but are not sure if you want to go as far as velvet teddy, try faux. price: 20,50€

mac matte lipstick "velvet teddy"
definitely darker colored nude, that needs a confident user. now has become a cult color, after kylie jenner was rumoured using it. velvet teddy is super matte, super well pigmented and lasts all day - but you definitely want to exfoliate and moisturise your lips well before using this, because (as you can see it in the picture), the lipstick emphasizes dry parts of the lips. price: 20,50€

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