sensai mascara 38°C separating & lengthening

i'm a bit boring sometimes - when i find a good product i tend to use it continuously for a long time and then i don't try new products.. i have used isadora's volume & curl mascara over a year now, so when my current one was finishing before the barcelona trip, i saw the opportunity to buy something from tax free.

i'm sure i have tried sensai's separating & lengthening mascara many years ago, since sensai's mascaras were all that i used before. i would say this product is good every day mascara for someone who wants more lenght in their eyelashes. im not so sure about the separating though (just check the pictures..). on the plus side, it lasts really well all day - compared to the isadora's that crumbs.. it is also super easy to remove, the 38C in the name means you need just warm water to remove it. i think the texture is fine, not too runny, so its easy to build with adding more coats. the brush is well sized for effortless use, though nowadays i prefer curved brush better.

my bare eyelashes

one coat of sensai's separating & lengthening mascara

two coats of sensai's separating & lengthening mascara

the normal price of this mascara is 29,50€, so 12€ more than the isadora's what i have been using. mascara is a makeup product that you purchase several times per year compared to other makeup products, so even i like this product, i don't think i will repurchase it.

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