the body shop vitamin e eyes cube

the body shop has launched bunch of new products this year, the newest here in finland is the vitamin e eyes cube. it's a stick form eye cream that includes wheat germ oil (vitamin e source) and soybean oil.

what i love about this product that it has a cooling effect so it feels very fresh in the skin. the formula is well moisturising (but not too thick), and the product has mica in it, so it reflects with the light to make dark under eyes look lighter.

what i see as the negative is the size. i think it just depends of ones opinion, but i feel it's a bit clumsy to use. for example, it's hard to apply the product to the inner corner of the eye area, which is my driest part.

however, i find this product nice to use in the summer time, and the price is not bad - only 10€.

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