first impression: gerard cosmetics kimchi doll lipstick and candy kiss lip gloss

this is the first time that i'm trying gerard cosmetics products. there was a great bundle offer of these products that i purchased (lipstick+lip gloss+teeth whitening pen) with 25$ instead of 65$. the bundle offer also included free delivery and the package came in 9 days from US, so it was pretty quick.

i ordered candy kiss lip gloss (made in collaboration with shannon harris)  and kimchi doll lipstick (made in collaboration with sophia chang). i saw this combo on shannon and it looked so beautiful that i had to have them.

the packaging of the lip gloss is awesome! it has mirror and light, so it's easy to apply even f.e in a nightclub. the formula of the lip gloss is creamy and not sticky. the only negative is that because the color is so light, its a bit hard to get evenly. this lip gloss will look great with darker eye makeup.

kimchi doll is just the perfect nude for me. i haven't bought light nude lipsticks before, because i always thought the colour would "disappear" on my face, because i have a light skin tone. this shade is just so beautiful pink undertoned nude and it actually suits me very well (so other light blonds don't be scared). the formula is moisturising and soft with medium pigment.

here i'm wearing both kimchi doll and candy kiss. this combo will look even better when i get a little bit of tan.

i was actually so pleased with the products that i ordered two other lipsticks today! if you are interested of gerard cosmetics products, check their instagram/facebook for great discount codes.
i will write about the teeth whitening pen later, when i have used it a few weeks.

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