h&m highlighter powder

i don't understand how hard is to make affordable single highlighter powder! either they are expensive or in a palette where i don't need the other products.
i was buying clothes in h&m online shop, and their highlighter popped out. the price was only 4,99€ (and there was also 10% discount), so the risk buying this product without seeing it first wasn't big.

in the picture online it definitely looked lighter. as you can see the color is kind of gold/bronze. but anyway, this shade will look nice in the summer with a tan, so i'm not disappointed.
of course with this price you are not gonna get the best quality. the powder is not pressed enough, so there comes a lot of product with one sweep of the brush. though, it lasts really well all day, and that is the main point. that is why i would say it's good value for money.

personally i like even lighter highlighters, i have used until now the inglot eyeshadow 395 - it has the perfect shade. i will use the h&m one until it's finished, but i don't think i will repurchase it.

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