skin care happy hour: the body shop virgin mojito body care collection

i'm so excited about these products! mojito is my absolute favorite drink and these products mimic the fresh scent really well. the main ingredients are of course lime and minth.

the virgin mojito collection is launched today in finland. i'm sorry to inform that this collection is limited edition, so go get it will it lasts!

shower gel 8,70€, body scrub 18,90€

the shower gel has a little difference compared to the body shop's other shower gels - instead of honey it has glycerin as moisturising ingredient, so this shower gel is vegan. the scent of this product is just pure mojito, so juicy and fresh.

the body scrub is very similar than the fuji green tea scrub. not my cup of tea, since i prefer rougher scrubs.

body sorbet 15€, body butter 19,50€

the formula of the body sorbet is light and gel like, i prefer to use this product, because it suits better for my normal skin. the body sorbet is a great summer product, because it has aloe vera in it, so i use if after being in the sun. to get the most fresh effect, put it in the fridge before using.

the body butter is for all skin types and i would categorize it in the middle - the formula is thicker than in the fruity ones, but lighter than in the nutty ones. sometimes in thicker creams the scent can get a little stale after applied on the skin, but this one stays fresh.

body splash 22,50€

the body splash is light fragrance that you tap on to your skin (pour either to your hands or straight to the area you want to put it and tap the skin to make it absorb). when i tried the body splash, the scent was first strong alcohol like, but when it has been in the skin for half a minute or so, it starts to warm up and the scent is so delicious. with lime and minth there is also coconut.

the collection includes also fun gift sets in form of a shaker and cooler, really great for a cocktail loving friend ;)

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