the body shop colour euphoria spring trend

previously i showed you the new body shop lip & cheek velvet sticks. here is rest of the colour euphoria spring trend.

poppy yellow shimmer cubes eye shadow palette is my favorite of these two palettes, because i think these colors are more wearable, and the blue color is just absolutely beautiful.

poppy pink shimmer cubes eye shadow palette is definitely for someone who likes colorful makeup, but i wouldn't see myself using this. i absolutely love orange and pink on the lips, but not so much as eye shadow colors. and i have never been a fan of green. i think i don't own anything green..

these eye shadows have great pigment, and you can use them dry or wet. the palettes are limited edition and they cost 26,50€.

to compliment the makeup looks, there is matching nail polishes to go with. (sorry about the quality of this picture!)

783 a sunny affair

784 mad about blue

785 apricot kiss
all of the colors are great spring and summer colors. i like the blue and yellow! the body shop nail polishes (8,80€) are vegan and they are formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and toluene free. they have good coverage and glossy finish.
even these nail polishes are part of the spring trend collection, they will stay in the regular range (the lip & cheek velvet sticks as well!), so they are not limited editions like the shimmer cubes.  

limited edition poppy blusher brush (14,50€) finishes the poppy themed collection. it's amazingly soft.. 

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