february shopping haul

here's the products that i purchased on monday!

clarins instant light lip balm perfector in shade 04 orange (19,90€). it took me while to choose a shade, but the shades 01 and 02 were so light, that they wouldn't have made any difference, since my lips are quite dark colored. i will probably buy later the shade 06, it was nice darker nude. but back to the orange - it will be really good summer color and really easy to use, since you will not need even a mirror to apply it. im wearing this in my contour and highlight video also, if you want to see how it looks. in the same video im using also the new mac 109 small contour brush (41,50€).

mac's velvet teddy lipstick (20,50€) is the it color of the moment, since it's rumored to be the shade that kylie jenner is using. it took me while to decide to buy it or not, because i was scared it would be too dark to my liking. but im glad i did, it's really growing on me!

klippoteket's silver shampoo and balsam i have been using already a while. since i have been blond almost all of my life, i have tried countless of products for blond hair. currently these are the best silver products, and they don't even cost much - only 7,50€! they have such an amazing pigment. klippoteket is a swedish brand, so i'm not sure which countries the products are available.

i'm gonna talk about kc professional's lavender hair mask later, i'm planning to do another post just about that..

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