first impression: nyx cosmetics

when i was in holiday in malta i had an opportunity to visit a nyx cosmetics store. i had a pretty long list of products that i wanted to buy but they didn't have almost any shades that i was interested in. so i ended up buying only 3 products.

this product's name is a "liquid crystal liner". i didn't actually notice that sticker (maybe because it is only in the other one) before i was home.

these liners were in the store next to the other eye liners and eye pencils so of course i expected them to be eye liners. if they are not ment to use as eye liners, then what the heck are they for??

they have a good amount of glitter in them but i tried them on my eyelids and indeed they made a burning sensation.

this product though is really great. the intense butter gloss formula is so pigmented but buttery soft at the same time. the shade toasted marshmallow is really beautiful fall/winter color.

i don't remember the individual prices but i paid around 20€ for these, so they would be around 6-7€ each.

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