first impression: colourpop ultra matte lip & lippie stix

colourpop is an american brand that is the most known for its lip products and eye shadows. i've been drooling their products for ages but they don't deliver to europe yet.

i gave in and i ordered few products from ebay. the point of colourpop is that the products are really affordable and that gets kind of ruined when you need to pay the double price..

their iconic product is the lippie stix. it's like a lipstick but smaller, and they come in different textures.

the colors that i chose were frida (satin) and dalia (matte). i would have prefered lumiere but it was out of stock.

lippie stix "frida"

the texture is lovely soft but the pigment is still greatly strong. it's a good everyday nude color but since i have silver hair now it's a little bit too warm toned for me. beautiful color nonetheless.

lippie stix "dalia"

dalia is a great fall and winter color, in those seasons i love to wear dark lipsticks. since it's matte formula it's a bit more difficult to get applied evenly (i almost wish it was satin formula).

colourpops's new lip product that they launched in the summer is the ultra matte lip that is a liquid lipstick.

ultra matte lip "midi"

midi is a great cold-toned nude that i've absolutely fell in love with! this is only one layer, so the pigment is really good too, since many times you need to apply liquid lipsticks at least 2 layers. in my opinion the quality-price ratio is much better in this product than for example in the anastasia beverly hills liquid lipstick (read my post here).

definitely will consider buying more of their products!
lippie stix 5$ and ultra matte lip 6$ on colourpop's website.

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