new the body shop make up: fresh sorbet blusher & instamatte

for people who have been looking for cream blush (it seems to be quite hard sometimes to find one) here is one option. the body shop fresh sorbet blusher really is fresh, light and soft texture that make skin look healthy and radiant. i just hoped these would have launched before the summer since i feel they fit more for summer make up. in the formula there is e.g. honey and rose extract.

fresh sorbet blusher comes currently in 4 shades. shade 10 florida sunstar is definitely more shimmery than the others. the shades are really natural and and you need to build up if you want bold color. price: 16,50€

another new interesting product is the body shop instamatte compact universal.

it's a wax-like formula that turns powderish in the skin and helps to keep it matte. the color is transluscent so it suits for all skin colors. you can use it as a primer before applying make up or to fix your make up during the day. i think it's cool because if you reapply face powder during the day it can start to look caky and dry, but with this product you don't have the problem. the formula has e.g. beeswax and marula oil in it. the packaging includes a mirror and a sponge. price: 22,50€

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