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the body shop's take on the rising oil trend is the new oils of life facial skin care line. the line is based on 3 seed oils: black cumin (high concentration of antioxidants), camellia (rich in nutritive oleic acid) and rosehip (rich in omega 3 and 6).

 the main product of the range is of course the intensely revitalising facial oil. the oil can be used by any age or skin type but adult skin benefits from it the most. it nourishes and helps for signs of aging. the formula is quickly absorbing and not greasy. people with normal and dry skin can use it solo or mix it with cream, people with combination and oily skin i recommend to use it as extra moisture in the night. in addition to the 3 seed oils the facial oil has also among other things lavender, rosemary leaf, orange peel and geranium essential oils. price: 36€

my favorite product of the range is the intensely revitalising essence lotion. it's a concentrated mix of water and oil that prepares the skin for the next step's of moisturising. since i have normal skin towards combination i don't necessarily like to use oily or thick products, so this one is perfect for me because it has the moisture of the oil and the freshness of the water. i use the essence lotion morning and evening after cleansing before cream. ingredients include with 3 seed oils e.g. panthenol, sesame- and sunflower seed oil. price: 21,50€

you can choose from 2 creams. intensely revitalising gel cream is lighter in texture and has light reflecting pigments that make skin look radiant. gel cream suits for normal and even combination and oily skin. ingredients include with 3 seed oils e.g. glycerin and olive oil. price: 32,50€

intensely revitalising cream is seemingly far more thicker and nourishing that leaves the skin feeling silky. it suits for customers who have normal to dry skin. addition to the gel cream it has shea butter and soy protein. price: 32,50€ 

the vibe of this range is definitely more luxurious and it shows the direction of the new package design in the body shop. i can find one divisive feature - the scent. some people love herby, natural scent, but for someone it can be too much. in the essence lotion it doesn't come as strongly so i'm able to use it, since i'm not a huge fan of strong scents in facial products.

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