isadora twist-up matt lips 52 posh peach

my latest lip product purchase is isadora's new lip pencil twist-up matt lips in shade 52 posh peach. this range comes with 6 different shades: nude, peach, two pinks, orange and red. i wanted to buy the nude as well but it was finished :(


the formula is sheer, so it's exactly what i'm looking for in a great easy every day lip product - you don't need lip pencil or even mirror to use it. i wouldn't call the finish super matte, but it's not too conditioning to be shiny either, but still feels soft in the lips.
the colour in the lip pencil looks actually more orangy - in the lips it's kind of salmon pink with a hint of peach. but for me the color is an absolute hit, it looks so gorgeous! this color suits both blonds and brunettes, and in the summer with a tan it will look even more beautiful..

the best way i found out to use this is to apply lip balm before applying the lip pencil, but you must tap most of the lip balm away with tissue if you want the color to stick (in dry lips it looks awful since its not conditioning enough).

i also prefer the shape of the tip better than in other lip pencils that are more rounded.

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