the body shop drops of youth range grows: youth essence lotion & youth cream

the body shop drops of youth skin care range gets two new products.

youth essence lotion and youth cream.

drops of youth is a complementing skin care range for signs of aging. the products use stem cells technology with criste marine, edelweiss and sea holly plant stem cells. stem cells makes the skin renew faster and the skin will look more smoother, fresher and healthier. the drops of youth range also has concenctrate, eye concentrate, sleeping mask and primer. (you can read my earlier post about the sleeping mask and primer here).

the body shop drops of youth - youth essence lotion, 160ml, 17,90€

mixture of water and gel. contains all of the three plant cells mentioned and aloe vera gel. the first moisturising step after cleansing. i recommend it to everyone who need some extra moisture, or wishes to have fresher looking skin. this is a little lighter than the oils of life intensely revitalising essence lotion, so if you have very dry skin that would be better choice.

the body shop drops of youth - youth cream, 50ml, 27,50€

contains the three plant cells mentioned and babassu oil. the cream makes pores look tighter, fine lines smoother and the skin feel bouncier. it is recommended to use the youth cream with the essence lotion and concenctrate to get best results. the cream itself is very light so i don't think it would work for someone who has very dry skin, at least in winter time.

i must mention also the new packages because they are soooo much nicer looking. here is comparison the old packaging (left) and new (right).

the drops of youth concentrate has also been updated since before it had only criste marine plant stem cells and now also edelweiss and sea holly (obs. in the new packaging).

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