the body shop spa of the world revitalising ritual

this is the second chapter of the body shop spa of the world bath&body care collection. you can read about the first chapter - relaxing ritual - here.

in this post we go through the revitalising ritual, that helps to youthen body and soul.

step 1. scrub: dead sea salt scrub - 350ml, 25,90€

renewing scrub that stimulates blood flow. as you can see from the picture, this scrub is more rough (than the ximenia scrub) thanks to the large sea salt crystals. the sea salt is in oil base what makes this scrub suitable also for dry skin. if you like rougher impact use this scrub to damp skin because when the skin is wet the product melts faster. people with normal skin (like me) there is no need to apply cream after since the oil base of the product leaves your skin soft. only thing i don't like is the smell, i think it must be the rosemary extract.
ingredients include e.g. dead sea sea salt, sunflower-, mango seed- and soy oil.

step 2. treat: moroccan rhassoul body clay - 200ml, 21,90€

here i did a comparing of the moroccan rhassoul body clay (top) and himalayan charcoal body clay (bottom).

rhassoul clay is mineral rich clay that has been used by moroccan women to firm the skin. the product helps to remove extra water and fat. apply thin layer with the body mask brush (18€) to areas that need firming such as tummy, thighs.. and let the product dry completely, at least 10 minutes. (as you can see from the picture, the rhassoul clay doesn't dry as fast as the charcoal clay). rinse with cold water to maximize the firming effect. also with this body clay i must remind to scrub the body before, because the removal will be much easier.
ingredients include e.g. coffeine, guarana extract, kaolin, sesame oil.

step 3. massage: thai lemongrass massage oil - 170ml, 19,90€
stimulating and refreshing massage oil that is an enhanced version of the previous thai lemongrass massage oil.
ingredients include e.g. almond-, oil-, soy-, marula-, sesame-, sun flower- and wheat germ oil.

the revitalising ritual products you will recognize from blue color tag.

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