the body shop matte lip liquid

about a month ago the body shop came up with matte lipsticks (read the post here). now they have finally jumped to the popular liquid lipstick trend as well. if you live in the uk, you are spoiled with 12 different shades - in finland we got only 3. apparently these are a limited edition, but i hope they make them permanent.

the formula is not as liquid and lightweight as usual liquid lipsticks are, it's more velvety and mousse-like. it takes up to half an hour to dry well, and it still transfers. this formula suits better to people who have dry lips, and it feels much more comfortable on the lips. the 3 shades that are sold in finland are very similar. pink, fuchsia and dark red with purple undertone. the darkest shade is a bit streaky, so you need to apply 2 layers.

tokyo lotus 024, goa magnolia 026, mauritius dahlia 017 (shades with flash)

shades without flash

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