mac kinda sexy & ruby woo lipsticks

my latest purchases, two lipsticks from mac, that i have been thinking of buying for like half a year already but soon there is not colors left that i like so i need to keep the excitement :D

mac matte lipstick "kinda sexy"

i wanted something darker than my light nude lipsticks but still lighter than f.e faux and velvet teddy. this is the perfect shade with a slight orange undertone. even the formula is matte it doesn't feel too drying on the lips. this lipstick makes your lips look so luscious!

mac retro matte lipstick "ruby woo"

the classic red lipstick. it is just the perfect shade! the formula is super pigmented and long lasting but i would like it to be little more moisturising.

i finally bought the awesome clinique cc cream as well, you can read my recent review here.

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