st. tropez self tan bronzing mousse

st. tropez has a lot self tan products to choose from - lotions, oils, sprays - but the mousse is my absolute favorite. the formula is light-weight and it dries up super fast. the mousse also has a "help color" so its easy to see where you have already applied. the real color on your skin forms in 8 hours and after that its recommended to wash the excess color away - then you will have a natural tan that doesn't smell! thats one reason i love this product so much. i usually apply this self tan on in the evening and then go shower in the morning.

 on the top is my skin on it's natural color and on the bottom with 2 coats of the bronzing mousse. (photos taken with flash).

i don't use self tan really often, but in the summer i don't like to look like the color of A4 :D and when i use self tan, i don't like anything too crazy, i still prefer the tan to look natural. if you wish for darker result, there is also the dark bronzing mousse.

before using self tan exfoliate your skin and apply moisturiser. i usually do this one day before that my body is moisturised but not greasy. use a tanning mitt to apply the self tan to get an even finish.

i have seen conversation going on in youtube about body hair and self tan claiming that you must shave all away before applying. of course even me i shave the bits where i have dark hard hair but for example in my thighs and arms i have white hair and they have never affected to the result.

the price in finland is around 40€. i bought mine from ebay ~20€.

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