dove summer glow normal to dark skin

i actually found this product on the back of a shelf few weeks ago and i decided to give it another go.

the first picture is from may but since finnish summer has been rubbish and i have been working all the time, the color of my skin is pretty accurate. in the second picture i have 2 layers of dove summer glow. i'm sorry the lightening is different (even both have been taken same spot, in the evening and with flash..), but you can see how dark color it gets already with 2 applications. i think that is one of the reasons why i haven't finished using it.

dove summer glow is actually a body lotion with gradual self-tanning. i think if you have dry skin you can really benefit from this product compared to other self tanners but since i have normal skin the drying time is really long and i just hate the greasy feeling. though i give plus from easy application - its really easy to get even finish.

if you don't want such dark result, try the one for fair to normal skin.
this product is a real bargain self tanner since the price is around 6€.

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