whitening lightning super booster teeth whitening pen

i have never tried teeth whitening products before and i learned that they aren't necessarily for me - i just don't have the patience!

like i wrote in an earlier post this year i got this whitening lightning teeth whitening pen in a combo when i ordered gerard cosmetics lip products. (in case you didn't know whitening lightning and gerard cosmetics are basically the same company).

the instructions says to apply thin layer on the teeth and smile widely minute or so to let it dry. to get best result you should apply the product in the evening before going to sleep.

at first i must admit i think i was using too much product at once since the product was finished after 11 applications. also there was one bothering thing for me - the saliva made the formula to foam so the formula didn't really dry properly in my opinion.

i took before and after pictures but i didn't even bother to put them up since i didn't see any difference. that is partially my fault since i forgot many times to apply the product so the 11 applications weren't in following days.

i actually read from their website after that this teeth whitening pen is "great for maintaining your smile". even i would recommend this product for someone who has done a proper teeth whitening and wants to maintain the result.

price: 29$, but check whitening lightning and gerard cosmetics websites for discounts.

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